4-Point Checklist For Bathroom Renovation

September 22, 2016

Home renovation can be exciting as well as an excruciating job at the same time. When it comes to bathroom renovation, it calls for load of work, planning, designing, hiring building contractors & sub-contractors and most importantly, project management. Be it any job in this world, an efficient and hassle-free project management is all that ensures success eventually. And, in case of bathroom renovation, as ‘your satisfaction’ matters the most, a smooth management is substantive.


Renovation is a costly as well as time-consuming job. Many spend a lot, but do not get results as expected. This happens due to little or no preparation. You, being the homeowner, need to do a lot of planning, measurements and also think of smart ways to get the job done.


The market is definitely a treasure trunk, wherein you can find myriad of choices for design, materials, colors, décor items and so on so forth, but neither do you need all nor could you afford, which is why, you have to take your call. Follow these tips to help your project stay on the track and be pulled off in time:

Make A Smart Budget Plan –

Charting out a budget leads you to the next level. It helps you determine what you need and how much to spend. You might only need to repaint the walls or replace the bathroom tiles. But, unless you have a comprehensible budget plan in hand, you can’t decide which paint is good or which tiles are better as there are many options and you have to choose only one paint color or tile type.

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Solution is – Pick the ones that resonate with your taste and budget preference.

Time Management –

If you are thinking that remodeling of small bathroom is going to take less time, think  again. Time in renovation business depends upon the number of features that are to be changed or remodelled. The more changes you need, the longer it is going to take, irrespective of small or large bathroom. Hence, if you want your project to be pulled off in time, mark the places and items – using a red marker – you want remodelled only to make things easier for the remodellers. This is how you save time for both of you.

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Task Sequence Also Matters –

Name any job, which does not call for work sequence; actually, there is no such. And, in remodelling business, work sequence speaks at the top of its voice. Until the remodeller arranges his tasks in a guided order, scoring success would not be possible by him. For instance, when it comes to bathroom renovation, the ceiling should come first followed by walls and then floors. It is of utmost importance that each task must be done as guided by licensed and insured home improvement experts.

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Design And Style Should Be Practical –

Be it any design you choose for your bathroom, just make sure it is going to be practical and functional. Now, how to determine which design is practical and which is not? Quite complicated, right? Well, let’s make it simple yet nice for you. The functionality of a renovation design depends on its users. For example, who’s going to use the space – Elderly ones, kids or just a couple of young people? If you have elderly relatives with you, consider wall-hung sinks and toilets, but only to be positioned at a height so that it becomes ideal for all the members to use along with elderly ones.

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