The Future is Now: Smart Homes are Here to Stay

September 21, 2016

Modern technology combined with innovative design offers the homeowner a range of possibilities, which not only enhance the property, they also make life a lot more convenient. Smart phones have been around for a while now, and the home can also utilise technology to offer a level of convenience never seen before. Here are some innovative ways to change the look of the home, while utilising technology to give new levels of security and convenience.


Replace the gates

Modern technology offers a range of motorised solutions for gating. With galvanised steel, they are long lasting and effective. For example, sliding gates by Tek Gate and Fence are tailor made to fit the property. They are covered with a powdered coat finish (the steel will outlast aluminium) and provide years of trouble-free service. Remote applications allow for easy operation without having to leave the vehicle. The added security is another benefit, and with automated opening and closing, they provide a high level of convenience.

sliding gates

Video surveillance

For the ultimate in home security, CCTV takes some beating as it gives the homeowner 24-hour protection, and with remote access, one can check on the house from any location worldwide. Video surveillance is a big deterrent, and with crime figures rising, it makes sense to protect one’s home. A good idea will be to install doorbell camera – they look discreet and sometimes almost invisible. 


Motion sensor lighting

Modern lighting incorporates many new technologies, including motion sensors that automatically turn lights on when a person approaches. Apart from the obvious security benefits, motion sensors add a level of convenience that was not possible a few years ago. LED lighting also saves energy, and with a range of hues, one can transform the ambience of any residence.

smart homes

Driveway solutions

If one is going to replace the gates, renovating the driveway is essential to complete the look, and with modern concrete solutions, there is a range of colours and finishes that will enhance any property. Liquid limestone offers similar properties to concrete, with the added benefit of remaining cool underfoot, even on the hottest of days.

smart homes

Fencing solutions

Modern fencing gives the homeowner a choice of materials and finishes, although most people opt for galvanised steel with a powder coated finish. There are quality tradesmen who can customise fencing to suit any property. With expert installation, and no maintenance, steel fencing is a modern solution that will complement any home.

smart homes

Technology has enabled the homeowner to improve the property, and with a range of hi-tech materials, maintenance is a thing of the past.

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