How to Clean Your Glass Windows

August 18, 2016

Glass windows easily collect dirt even after regular cleaning and after a point, it just does not get any cleaner. All that sweeping and spraying yet that line still remains there.

The right ways combined with the correct equipment is the only way to get those windows sparkling. You can use all the man power you want put unless the right tools are there, you will not make much headway.


For example, using a normal piece of cloth will result in the mirror being electrically charged. That charge in turn, attracts more dust and dirt particles which is why windows get instantly dirty after you clean them.

glass windows

There are ways to do it properly and not using the right methods or tools can easily cause glass to get scratched and even crack, in some cases.  Here are the best ways to clean glass windows and other surfaces. We’ve picked this information from architects and experts at

1. Use towels to protect window sills

Lay a towel on a window sill before starting to clean the windows. It is especially important for protecting wooden window sills.


2. Use a Newspaper

This is in fact, time tested and a great way to clean windows. If you use a newspaper with some window cleaner, all you need to do is rub in circular motions until the cleaning solution is dry. You will instantly see the difference.

You do not need a lot of newspapers and try not to use any other kind of paper as they can sometimes leave a mess.  Keep a check on how much cleaning liquid you use; Weather i’ts  a window cleaner or plain water, you need very little of it.

window sill

3. Use a Squeegee

You might have heard of this magical instrument, and it may surprise you that cleaning windows becomes very easy with the help of a squeegee. It consists of two sides; one is a foam-like sponge which is used to dampen and wipe the glass, and the other side is a thin strip of rubber which sticks to the glass surface and collects all the dirty water droplets into one stream.


They come in different sizes so regardless of how big or small your windows are, you can buy the right size and get started right away. This can be a fun workout for the young ones so get them involved too and just have fun!

4. Use Vinegar

By mixing one part of vinegar and four parts of water you can create a wonderful cleaning solution for your windows.



I hope these simple yet effective tips will help you clean your glass windows easily. It’s important to have clean windows to be able to enjoy the view and give a good impression.


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