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August 11, 2016

You go to take a shower and your running late for work. You don’t have time to wait for your bathroom to defog after your done so you can do your hair and make-up so you take your towel and wipe off part of the mirror so you can see and get on with your day. What you are probably not thinking about is that coating of moisture is on everything in your bathroom, not just the glass.Your walls and floors are also slick and this moisture seems to take a long time to fade away. If you think about what happens when you leave your clothes damp in the washing machine for a day or two, the importance of getting your bathroom dry might become a little clearer. Wet breeds bacteria, mold and ultimately stench. The bathroom exhaust fans and ventilation systems are probably one of the least thought about but most important elements of your bathroom. A fresh clean bathroom says much more positive things about your hygiene and pride of ownership to your visiting friends and family.

Steamy bathroom

Thinking about the smell that remains in your laundry isn’t pleasant and neither is mold growing in the grout or on the surfaces of your bathroom. You can’t possibly feel clean in a room that is filled with such yucky and rapidly growing problems.

No matter how old or new your bathroom, insufficient ventilation may be a problem if the products used originally were not high quality and up-to-date units with modern power and features that ensure this problem is a long forgotten part of the past. If your drowning in moisture after your shower, then it’s time to upgrade to something that really gets the job done. You can easily install a new set of exhaust fans set into a small unit that can even have additional features for your comfort such as lights, and heating units.

Steamy bathroom

Taking the excess moisture out of the bathroom is a simple process that requires a small unit that circulates air into and out of the room, allowing the walls and mirrors to remain dry, the air to remain either cool or warm depending on your preference and the air fresh and free of smelly molds that can damage your bathroom and your health.

Steamy bathroom

Allergies to mold are not uncommon and the bathroom can be a breeding ground for spores that multiply quickly under damp conditions. When you think about how much water and steam is used in a bathroom it becomes a little more obvious why it might be important to think about changing out old outdated exhaust fans that are not doing the job for more modern units that can keep things clean and comfortable.

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It is true, you really don’t have to remodel your entire bathroom, you won’t have to change everything to achieve the dry mirrors you desire when you’re done with even the longest and most steamy shower.

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