The Touches That Really Make A Home Yours: What To Consider

July 29, 2016

Getting a home that feels just right is a process. Few people are lucky enough to find a house on the market that ticks all the boxes. When you buy a house, you’ll move in and for a while you may just live with it as it is. Moving is tiring enough as it is, after all. The process of putting your mark on it can wait, usually. You want to think about it and get it right, because rushing it can mean poor decisions.


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However once you are settled in, then comes the time to really make the new house look like you want it to. Those little touches that crossed your mind when you first viewed it, that have waited while you got your head back on straight. Putting these in place can be done gradually or all in one go. The most important thing is that you do it in a way that you are comfortable with. Some little touches you can add here and there, but some parts will be bigger undertakings.

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Painting/Wallpaper: Surroundings You’ll Be Happy With

When trying to sell a house, it is deemed appropriate to paint the walls in neutral colors or put up basic floral wallpaper. These are designed to not be off-putting to potential buyers. It’s playing the percentages, and it works. However, if you’ve just moved in and are planning to put down routes, you can put a bit more thought into it. Go for bolder color schemes if this is what you prefer. Warm colors are good for a kitchen. Something a bit richer may suit living rooms and bedrooms.

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Your Floors: What’s Important To You?

The floors in a home need to fit a range of priorities. They must be hard wearing, because you’ll be walking on them, placing furniture down, and they’ll have to deal with spills. They also ought to look good, because you don’t want to look down and see something that’s just OK. In winter, you don’t want them to be cold to walk on, nor should they get hot in summer. A good bet is natural stone tiles, as these match all of the above priorities. Also this floor is very easy to maintain and clean with a usual spin mop


The Outside: Low Maintenance Or High Class?

When you move into a new home, the garden may not feature much in your thoughts initially. But you’ll go out there to sit in summer and, whether you have a green thumb or not, if you ignore the garden you’ll soon know about it. A good landscaping job can leave it looking like a showhome garden while also being useful. Or you can lay down decking, gravel and paving over as much of it as you want, so the most gardening you have to do involves a broom and maybe a mop.


Unless you have built a home to specification, it’s likely you’ll have some decisions to make in your first year living there. Making the right calls may take time, but what’s really important is that you’re happy with those calls. You’ve just moved in. You have time.


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