Color Psychology and Bedroom Decor

July 27, 2016

As humans are very visual creatures, colors are very important in all aspects of our lives. We always associate colors with certain themes, emotions and places. While most people can have varying views of colors, there are general similarities between how we associate colors with things. Colors are even more important when they surround us often, such as the colors that dominate our homes and rooms.

It is a scientific fact that colors can influence moods and elicit emotions and thoughts, so it is important to pay attention to your rooms’ colors. Decor and light also work hand in hand with colors. When it comes to the bedroom, its design and color theme is very important as it’s where you rest and sleep the most.

Before you buy wallpaper, furniture, beds, and quilt doonas online, make sure to pick a theme or feeling you’re most comfortable with for this area.

Red – Red is the color for passion and love in general. It is also the color of our blood, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to know that red can elicit feelings of passion and energy, as well as cause an increased heart rate. The more vibrant the red is, the more it will have a vibe of energy. This dramatic colour can also bring about your appetite, as it is associated with food and hunger.

red bedroom

Gray: A beautiful neutral colour, gray is usually associated with cement and stone, but used tastefully it can make a room look formal and delicate. Light grays can elicit feelings of calmness but if there is an overwhelming amount of dark grays, it can emit dullness and depressing vibes. Grays are best matched with other colors to achieve balance, as they compliment most hues.

gray bedroom

Purple: Purple is the historical color for royalty. Not only will purple make you feel lavish and fancy but it is generally unisex. Purples also give a feeling of mystery and sophistication, especially when they are deeper. Like red, brighter purples can be quite dramatic and can express a very loud personality. Additionally, purples can also make rooms seem exotic and otherworldly.

Image source

Blue: A very popular color option, blue reminds most people of the ocean and the sky. Light blues can make a room seem larger compared to deeper blues. Generally, blues can elicit a feeling of peacefulness and reflection. Having plenty of blues will give a room a sense of spirituality and can make it feel cooler during hotter months. Blue is also quite versatile and mixing different shades of blue rarely causes a clash.

blue bedroom

Brown: If you want your room to seem in sync with nature and welcoming, brown is the way to go. This warm colour exudes comfort and is very inviting to the eye. At the same it also gives an air of sophistication. Just like blue, you can definitely mix various shades and even textures of brown for an even warmer look, but don’t opt for fake-looking textures. That can make a room seem cheap.

brown bedroom

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Think carefully about the mood you want for your bedroom, the colors you already like, and color effects that match your personality. Remember, you can always mix and match colors too, you don’t have to settle for one. In the end, you will be the one enjoying the atmosphere of your bedroom when you need a good night’s sleep.


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