Interior Design Tips for Beginners

July 17, 2016

For those who want to rearrange the interior of a home, there are a range of options to create something unique. The purpose of the room should be at the forefront of any design concept, it might be used for sleeping, or perhaps the living room, or a sanctuary for those special moments. Whatever the environment, interior design is an art, and for those who are not familiar with arranging a room for maximum efficiency and effect, here are some helpful hints.

Define purpose

A dining area can also be used as a study area, so consider a desk in the corner. The bedroom, size permitting, is the ideal place for a sofa and coffee table, giving a place for relaxation, before retiring to bed. Bathrooms and corridors can be used for easy access storage space.

relaxing nook

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This determines the ambience of a room, and with so many options, it’s hard to know what to choose. Wall lights by Carlton Lighting offer a range of styles to suit any room, with LED technology providing an eco-friendly way to illuminate the living space. Floor lamps can often be sufficient, eliminating the need for the traditional ceiling light, which sometimes doesn’t give the desired effect.


Wall lights have always been a popular way to create an ambience, and with perhaps a table lamp in the corner, the lighting is subdued, yet sufficient. Today’s LED solutions offer a higher range of intensities, and with a much reduced power consumption, they are eco-friendly, and save you some money too.

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Use of colour

Colour with purpose defines a room, and by using a palette of around fifteen shades, in combination with a base colour, one can create the right look and feel. The coordinated use of colour brings a room together, and with moods known to be affected by shades, colour therapy is a trendy approach to modern interior design. Bright colours, such as yellow and pink, are said to invoke feelings of joy, while orange stimulates the intellect. Green is the shade for relaxation, while red is for supposed to ignite passion. A deep red room, with wall lights, and a few pictures, can be the perfect romantic venue for a home-cooked meal.

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Furniture and fabrics

The furniture is an integral part of the room’s character, and there are no hard and fast rules about fabric choice. Leather provides that timeless look, while washable fabrics are best suited for children. Drapes should always be in a natural colour, perhaps a soft beige or darker green, with fabric on furnishings a popular trend today.


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Choose carefully. If square is the concept, then stay with rectangles and squares, or maybe triangles, as they are all straight-line models. Mixing shapes can be conflicting, for example, circles and semi-circles never seem to complement each other, so are best avoided.

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If one is considering a career in home design, enroll in the right course, and one will gain the necessary knowledge and experience, however, if a person just wants to improve their living space, a lot can be achieved by following the basic rules of interior design.

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July 18, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Informative and inspirational tips with amazing results! Thank you for this article, helped me a lot! 🙂


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