DIY Project: Stump Coffee Table

July 12, 2016

Hello, my dear friends!

As promised in my recent post, today I am sharing with you tutorial of making a coffee table out of ordinary stump.

The project is very fun and costs almost nothing, though quite time and effort consuming. So first of all I went to get some stumps on the suburbs of Moscow (I know I looked very strange on the heels over there but right after that I was planning to meet with my friends) :image12I’ve got two beautiful stumps, which we brought to the apartment to see how they will look inside:

stump coffee tableNext day some time went on reflecting on how exactly I would make tables out of them:


I decided that first of all I need to get rid of the crust and dry them properly:

stump coffee table When stumps were finally dry, I have polished the surface with the wood polishing machine:

stump coffee tableWith the projects like that the right mood is everything – we need to have fun doing them!

The last step was to cover the stumps with varnish. I have added some black pigment into varnish for the side part while the top remained transparent:

stump coffee table



now I just needed to dry them properly – it took almost two days!
stump coffee table

Voila, my stump tables were ready!

stump coffee table stump coffee table stump coffee table stump coffee table


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