How To Create a Calm Workplace: DIY Home Office

May 29, 2016

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

Today, when I was doing in the morning my interior design projects, I was thinking that working from home is the future of the modern workplace. Employers want to give complete liberty to their workers to decide their own working hours and workplace. It is a great thing but there are some negative implications too.

For me one being the problem of focus, it is hard to focus on work in your home because of too many distractions. You are always surrounded by people who want to talk to you about personal things. In short, you are at the center of your house where you are supposed to divide your attention between the home and the work.

home office

Well, this can be avoided if you create a workplace that supports you and stops the outside noise. A workplace that allows you to focus on the task at hand is the best. Well, you can make such a workplace at home by involving following factors:

Stationery Pouch

Believe it or not, even if you have nothing to do with a pen, you still need a stationery pouch. A usual stationery pouch requires pen, pencil, eraser, stapler, glue stick, tape, marker, sharpener, stapler pins etc. Once you put this thing in one of the drawers, you will be surprised how much you needed it. Also, the time you wasted to find a pencil or glue stick in the house will be reduced to zero.

home office

Digital Clock

The worst part of working at home is you feel like you have the whole day to complete a task. Well, this is not a right approach since you will end up working throughout the day and feel drained after a week. So use a digital clock to set small deadlines every day.

Post-it Notes

When you are working on one thing, your mind decides to send you reminders for so many other tasks. Post-it notes help you out in putting those reminders to paper so you won’t forget them. You can get a fancy post-it board to pin the important notes and keep them in front of your eyes.

home office

Table cover – use old bed sheet sets

You will like this one for sure. Spreading table cover on your work table is a great way because the cover will be changed every 2 to 3 months and you will get a reason to rearrange everything on the table. In case, you are in a mood to try something creative, get some online bed sheet sets from IZZZ and put them to use for table covers. You can also consider a second option to buy online bed sheets.

table cover

Focus Box

It’s a random name for a box where you will keep your iPhone, iPad or any other device that might distract you for a certain number of hours until you complete the task at hand.


Fancy Mouse pad

A fancy color mouse pad can bring joyous vibes on the work table and you will need them because it gets lonely to work at home sometimes.

Full tutorial here

Full tutorial here

Motivational Quotes

A motivational quote that reaches your heart is a daily reminder of your goal. So put a nice frame of a quote that means something to you in the home office.

home office


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