5 Reasons To Use Bottles and Jars In Your Kitchen

April 25, 2016

Bottles and jars are used in a number of ways in the kitchen. Women simply love mini jars, small jars, and small glass jars, for the portability, versatility and convenience. Just ask any lady, about the convenience of using bottles and jars, enquire about the different uses of all these jars and ask her how she would feel, if all the jars were taken away from her – Well, home-makers simply cannot imagine a life without bottles and jars. They are used for almost every purpose conveniently.


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Why do we love these small jars or mini jars? What is the main reason for their immense popularity? Here are some everyday uses of these bottles and jars, which are many times ignored by us. Think for yourself and understand more about these small glass jars.

Multipurpose – Storing a variety of thing or for a variety of purposes is the main benefit of using all these small glass jars. They can be used to store dry foods, cereals, cookies, candies, clips, buttons, cakes, powdered ingredients and everything you can think about. Available in a large number of sizes and shapes, these jars are suitable for storing almost everything we regularly need in the kitchen.

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Portion Control – Did you know that small jars and bottles are often used as a measuring device and controlling the portion which is to be taken. Whenever healthy food is made, it is generally measured, portioned and then packaged for individual helpings. This is especially for those who are on a strict diet. Storing food in these glass jars and bottles is a way to measure quantity and control portions. If you measure in terms of these mini jars, you will never over serve or have something which is unhealthy in huge portions.

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Attractive – Mason jars are super attractive. They look great not only displayed on a shelf but some really great DIY projects can be done with them They look attractive and smart in every way. 

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Occupy little Space – Is your kitchen small? Do you face storage problems? If space has always been a problem at home and you found it difficult to store your goods, mini jars would come to your rescue. Available in small sizes, they can store almost anything and take up little space. These are especially useful when you have parties or family get-togethers at home and you have a lot of left overs. How do you store them? Your small small jars and bottles will be of your help.

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Portable – Last but not the least, portability is the main convenient feature of mini jars and bottles. They can be carried in your bag wherever you are traveling. Thus, one of the most convenient ways to carry food or other things!

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April 25, 2016 at 2:36 pm

One more reason to love glass jars–they don’t contain ingredients that can leach into foods like plastics do. I’ve switched all my old plastic storage containers for glass containers. I love the old-fashioned canning jars with the rubber gaskets in your last photo. When we lived in Africa we learned never to throw anything away, and that’s when I started saving jelly jars to use again. Bonne Maman jelly jars are particularly attractive for storing small quantities, and I love to use them for homemade lotions and essential oil concoctions.


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