How To Turn A Boring Bedroom Into A Tranquil Retreat

April 20, 2016

Your bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, which offers respite after a busy day. If your bedroom is looking a little dull and uninspiring, these simple tips will help you to convert it into a tranquil, relaxing retreat.


Colours and shades are really important in your bedroom. Ideally, this space should be devoted to unwinding and sleeping, so it’s essential to create a calming atmosphere. Try to avoid bright colours and go for soothing, muted shades. Mocha, duck egg blue, lilac, and neutral tones work well in the bedroom. If you do want to be bolder with your palette, you could create a statement wall with a bright colour or printed wallpaper. Keep the other walls plain and let your feature wall do the talking.

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When accessorising, go for shades, which complement each other. Avoid colours that clash.

Soft furnishings

Nothing looks more appealing at the end of a long day, than comfortable beds piled high with throws and cushions. You can create a really cosy feel with textured blankets, high pile rugs and soft cushions. Take the time to make your bed each morning, and you’ll look forward to climbing in and hitting the hay at night.

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Match your curtains to your bed linen and coloured walls. Add rugs to create warmth on a hardwood floor. Place bean bags and floor cushions in a quiet corner to make a relaxing space to curl up with a book or flick through a magazine.



Lighting has a significant impact on the ambiance of a room. Getting your bedroom lighting spot on will help to turn a standard room into an alluring oasis. Go for dimmer lights, so that you can adjust the level to suit your mood and the time of day. In the evening, when you’re preparing to get into bed, switch off the main lights in favour of bedside lamps.

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Candles set the tone for a relaxing night in. They give your bedroom a sumptuous, romantic feel and they can also provide lovely scents.

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Dotting a couple of plants around will freshen up your room and bring the outside in. You could also use vases of flowers to lift plain walls and inject a bit of colour.

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They say a tidy home makes for a tidy mind, so make sure your bedroom is free from clutter. Untidy rooms can make you feel stressed and they increase the time you take to get ready. Invest in some intelligent storage solutions and keep those shoes, hangers and slippers hidden away.


Try to keep on top of cleaning tasks to save yourself time and ensure you can devote weekends to doing things you love.

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Is your bedroom uninspiring? Are you sick of staring at the same old drab walls every night? If so, now is an ideal time to switch things up and create a heavenly haven. Look for ideas online, go for understated designs and create a welcoming, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. A few simple changes can make a massive difference.


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