Increase Resale Value of Your Home

March 20, 2016

Looking at selling your home? Or maybe you’re just looking for some inspiration on how you can make the most out of your space. Whatever position you’re in, there are different options you can take to help get your house into shape and looking great for future buyers.

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A few tiny changes could make the world of difference to viewers, think big with loft conversions, or scale things down and add a fresh touch of paint to walls. Read our tips and tricks below on how to get your house into shape…

Open Plan Kitchen

A topical conversation in the housing industry…open plan kitchens, should we or shouldn’t we? Down to personal preference, the open plan kitchen can be a great way of tricking people into thinking you have more space than you actually do. Add cream or white walls to create a bright space, or go one step further by adding a breakfast bar to create a real communal feel – perfect for families.

open plan kitchen

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Add a conservatory

When looking at increasing the value of your space, the obvious solution is always to extend. Extending your property doesn’t have to be large scale, move away from the thought of house extensions and look closer at conservatories. Perfect for the summer season, and a great way of adding an extra room to your house.


Paint the walls

It sounds like such a simple concept, grab a tin of paint from your local store and spend a Sunday in some old clothes painting away. If selling your home is at the top of your agenda concentrating on the interior of your house is key. It’s one of the main things your viewers will be looking at when they enter the inside of your house. Think white and neutral tones to make your house stand out more, not only will this make it look bigger, but it will also create a sense of cleanliness.

painted walls

Outdoor space

Think outside the box (literally!), the very first thing your guests will ever see, before the paint and furniture…windows, driveways and gardens. Nobody wants to see dirty windows or rubbish filled walk ways when they’re approaching a viewing. A quick 10 minute sweep up could make a massive difference on those first impressions. Take things one step further by getting a gardener in to clear up your front space, or to save money – do it yourself!  

outdoor room

All the above depend on how far you want to go with your changes. Large and small scale things will all impact the valuation of your home, it’s key to remember that the tiniest of things can always make a difference. Get a second opinion, and keep up to date with forums on what is currently trending and working well for other sellers.


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