Unusual Theme Ideas For Your Bathroom

March 15, 2016

Bathrooms can often be overlooked when thinking about redecorating, but they are an important part of the house. Your guests will visit there while they are over so it’s great to make it look just as fabulous as your lounge or kitchen. It’s also refreshing to go into a nicely decorated room when you are getting ready in the morning, as it will help lift your mood for the day.

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Your bathroom might just need a lick of paint, or some new floorboards fitted. Here’re some small ways you can revamp the bathroom, from updating your towels to replacing the taps. But to make your bathroom really great, why don’t you change the theme. It can improve the bathroom, and will help it to stand out the crowd. From Seaside to Retro, here are some unusual themes you should implement in your bathroom.

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Seaside theme

A seaside theme is a fantastic way to make your bathroom stand out. You should repaint the room a light blue or navy, and then accessorise with nautical coloured towels. Add in some boat and anchor ornaments, and a boat-shaped mirror, and your bathroom will look great. For extra effect, add a seaside shower curtain for some bathroom fun. You can add a nautical blind for extra effect, and a seaside themed toilet seat would be great. You can also find nautical themed shelving in stores. Finally, a framed picture of your favourite seaside can add character to your bathroom.

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White and black theme

You may think white is boring but think again. A white bathroom will look bright and airy and will make the room feel fresh and clean. If you add white tiles, as we discussed before, it can make your bathroom stand out, especially next to a large window. Then if you implement black accessories, it will really look eye-catching. Some people put black tiled flooring in for a fabulous look.

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Adding some black towels and mirror will contrast well with the white walls. A black toilet seat and brush holder will also work well with the theme. To make it look even more sophisticated, consider adding some dramatic black and white coloured art to the walls.

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Floral theme

A floral theme in the bathroom will look great at this time of the year. Paint the room a nice pink or purple and then add some beautiful towels and accessories. You should add a floral mirror to the bathroom, and some natural coloured toilet brush and soap holders will match well. Don’t forget to add a large vase of artificial flowers to complement the look.

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Retro theme

To pull off a retro-themed bathroom, you may think about revamping the bathroom totally. If you have some money saved, you can get some vintage bathroom suites which may suit your theme. You could also repaint the room a pastel colour, and add some character to antique storage units and shelves. Try and find a vintage shower curtain, and add a retro coloured blind for the window.

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