Gorgeous House in Emerald Green and Yellow

February 26, 2016

What a beautiful, beautiful apartment I have digged today on Spanish Architectural Digest!

Brazilian spirit is so in vogue now (take for example new Tilfelle collection by Ikea), and this apartment perfectly represents it.

It is really interesting that just two days ago I was putting together a scheme for a new client with exactly the same colours: emerald green as a background, striking yellow and black and white rug, so when I stumbled upon this space I was really astonished: as if my ideas were put in place by somebody else!

So this house was created by Casa Vogue Brazil to materialize their dream home to celebrate its 40 years. It was completely designed by its own team.

It seems that it surprises and delights visitors at every step. At the entrance, grey corridor with large geometric figures looks bold and eye-catching.

In the lounge was recreated the beauty and freshness of Amazon jungle. Dark intense colours, natural greenery, bright accents and organic lines create harmony and sophisticated look.  Mustard yellow kitchen with grey cabinets….


Rodrigo Martins and Gabriel Valdivieso were two architects who, together with the team of Casa Vogue, created this experience packed with 360 pieces of contemporary Brazilian art. Enjoy the tour!

green apartment 1  green apartment 2 green apartment 3 green apartment 4 green apartment 6 green apartment 11 green apartment 10 green apartment 9 green apartment 8 green apartment 7 green apartment 12 green apartment 13 green apartment 14 green apartment 15 green apartment 16


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