10 Unconventional Ways To Use Paint at Home

February 24, 2016

Good morning dears!

I am heading over to my new client. The job – decorating a small apartment here in Moscow. He doesn’t want major renovation, mostly to bring some coziness and comfort using accessories and textiles.

When it comes to decorating on a small budget, one of my favorite tools is paint. It’s incredible what effects you can achieve with it, especially, if you try to think outside the box: by using dramatic colour combinations or applying it in the original way. We have already decided that we will go for navy blue/ crispy white combination. The first one will help to hide unattractive features, such as radiators, pipes, dark entryway, while adding white will help to bring some freshness and air into the space.

So in today’s post I have collected several cool ideas on how to use paint in an unconventional way.

  1. Paint door with the surrounding wall. Now imagine for a second the same space, where the door would be painted alone: it will look like a huge patch – odd and uncompleted. Now this paint job creates a sense of drama and eye-catching focal point:

paint 1

2. Paint wall together with picture frames on it:

paint idea 2

3. Dividing wall in half:

paint idea 3 paint idea 4

4. Brush stroke edges look very artistic:

paint idea 5

5. Painting doors in bright, unexpected colour:

paint idea 66. Here the colour of kitchen cabinets is then repeated on room divider: great way to create zoning within a space:
paint idea 7

7. Brrrrrrrrriiiiight pink is used here for walls: I would never ever dare to do the same, but I love the idea of painting the walls and doors in the same colour:

paint idea 8

8. Very cool idea to play around the doorway:

paint idea 9

yet another one (if you don’t want to introduce large blocks of colour, the small accents such as this one can be an alternative that will bring life and interest to a space): paint idea 10

9. Camouflaging sink:

paint idea

10. Painted kitchen backsplash (not sure how practical it is though)

paint idea 2

Do you like this ideas? Looking forward for your comments!


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