5 Great Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling on a Tight Budget

February 23, 2016

You don’t need an endless supply of cash to have a beautiful kitchen. Kitchen remodeling projects can be accomplished on any budget. If you’re looking for ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank, here are a few ideas for giving your kitchen the fresh look it needs.

Paint Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

If your cabinets are in great condition, you may be able to save money by simply painting them a fresh, clean color. Consider the color scheme for your kitchen to decide if light or dark colors align with your interior design.

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Consider taking off a few cabinet doors and replacing them with glass-front doors. A simple refresh on your current cabinets and hardware can help you save money in your kitchen remodel while giving your kitchen a fresh, new appearance.

Increase storage options

Depending on the size of your kitchen area, you can also add a movable center counter. This will add counter space and increased storage space, all while keeping your expenses to a minimum. This is an especially economic option if you need to upgrade your cabinets but don’t have the budget to do so. Combined with a refresh of your current cabinets, a movable counter is a great budget-friendly improvement.

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Choose New, Updated Countertop Materials

Are you tired of staring at mustard yellow counters or old, chipped tile with stained grout? If you decide to keep your old cabinets, consider updating your counters for an overall clean look.


Choose from affordable materials such as new laminate styles or save in other areas and spend a little more on elegant granite countertops. If granite is out of your budget range, consider concrete. Concrete countertops can be adapted to virtually any shape and edging, and you can stain them to your desired color and style. Additionally, they are a fraction of the cost of granite and quartz, and only slightly more expensive than laminate tops.

You’ll be amazed at the difference updated counters will do for your kitchen.

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Improve the Lighting, Fixtures, and Hardware

Improving the lighting in your kitchen and updating old fixtures may seem like a simple element, but they add significant value to a remodeled kitchen. Save money by searching for deals online or browse sales at local stores.


Don’t forget new cabinet hardware or a new faucet for your kitchen sink. Search for high-quality hardware offering traditional or modern designs to spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune.

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Affordably update appliances with “gently used” equipment

Many people are enamored with brand-new stainless steel appliances or the like. But you can make serious upgrades to your kitchen equipment very affordably—and get some top of the line equipment in the process.
One of the best ways to do this is to find and visit your local Habitat For Humanity ReStores. These are non-profit home improvement stores and donation centers open to the public. You can often find almost new and gently used equipment for any room, but especially for your kitchen. As an added benefit, you’ll know the money you spend purchasing items will go toward helping other people find affordable housing.

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Know When to Call the Professionals

Lots of DIY tips help make kitchen remodels more affordable. But be selective with which tasks you can handle on your own and when you need help from a professional kitchen contractor. You may be able to paint cabinets or walls on your evenings or weekends, but cabinet installation, counter installation, flooring, electricity, and plumbing is best handled by professionals.

Experienced contractors will make sure that important kitchen upgrades are completed correctly with quality craftsmanship. Not to mention, qualified contractors are prompt and efficient to finish the project so you can get your kitchen back faster.

Some people think there’s no way to do a kitchen renovation on a budget. Hopefully, the ideas above can give you some starting points to consider when you decide to tackle a kitchen remodel on a tight budget!


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