Beautiful Apartment in Black, White and Cognac Brown

February 19, 2016

Hello my friends!

So the flu finally hit me as well….All day in my bed with a cup of hot ginger tea and my laptop. At least it is an excuse for me to have some rest and browse all day through my favorite design blogs. So I have stumbled upon this beautiful apartment (again black and white, you will say –  I know, I know!) – but what an eye candy!

I totally love how black and white palette is warmed up here with reddish brown wood. Some other things that I love about this apartment:

Gallery wall with vintage photography and mixing of black, white and wooden frames

Dramatic abstract art above the bed

Chalkboard wall with funny writings in the dining area and of course iconic pantone chairs

Abstract black and white painting above credenza

The black wall behind the sofa on the last photo and amazingly beautiful sunburst mirror.

Hope you will enjoy the tour same as me!

Image credits to Style at Home

apartment 12 apartment 11 apartment 10 apartment 9 apartment 8 apartment 7 apartment 6 apartment 5 apartment 4 apartment 3 apartment 2 apartment 1


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