Luxury Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

February 9, 2016

If you’re decorating your kitchen, there are a number of different styles you can go for. It’s always nice to include an element of luxury in your kitchen, especially since we all spend so much time in there. These luxury decorating ideas are perfect for any kitchen. Remember, it isn’t just somewhere we cook these days. We usually socialise in there too! Take a look and see what you can use:

Use Marble or a Marble Alternative

Marble is probably the most luxury material you can use in your kitchen. If you can afford to have real marble in there, great! You could have it on counter tops, floors, and even walls. If not, there are always marble alternatives. To look at them, you won’t be able to tell that they’re not marble, and they’re so much cheaper. They’re great for those on a budget who love the look marble can give a kitchen. There are other laminate options that can give different effects too.  


Create a Nice Splashback

Creating a nice splashback is easy, and it stops you from ruining your wall when you cook. I know people who have used these kitchen tiles and got a great result.

kitchen 1

Choose a Mirror That Fills the Wall

Some people don’t even have a mirror in their kitchen, but it can help to reflect light and open up the space. Instead of choosing a tiny mirror, make sure you have a mirror that fills the wall. A mirror that fills the wall will make the kitchen look even bigger.


Install a Double Sink

A double sink area is useful for a number of reasons. Assuming you have washing up to do sometimes, you’re still free to use the other sink without hassle. Not only that, it’s good for when you’re washing expensive items. You can have your soapy water in one side, and your expensive items in the other side.



Install a Kitchen Island and Breakfast Bar

A kitchen island is one of the biggest trends in kitchens now. It’s perfect for people who need more space to prepare food, and it gives an extra area for working or eating. A breakfast bar looks great – you’ll never be tempted to skip breakfast again!


Include Different Textures

You can have your kitchen all one colour if you like, but make sure you include different textures to add interest and depth to your kitchen. For a country style kitchen, you want to include lots of wooden textures and checked patterns. For something more modern, you’ll want appliances with a mirror finish. The more texture you include, the more personality you’ll give your kitchen. Some kitchens can come across very cold and clinical looking, but if you spend time in yours you want it to feel warm and inviting.


Your kitchen will not only be practical, it’ll look great when you implement some of these luxury ideas. You can never spend too much time doing up your kitchen. It’ll add value to your home too!

February 9, 2016 at 7:42 pm

Good ideas! We’re building a house now and because of the high ceilings, the kitchen has a high wall above the upper shelves that would be the perfect place for a large mirror.

I won’t use marble because it’s a guest house and marble is too easily stained and ruined, but I did decide to go for granite instead of laminate or wood.

February 10, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Hi Susan,

I completely agree about marble – though it looks luxurious it is easily stained, so granite is a great alternative!

carla contrini
February 29, 2016 at 12:39 pm

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December 27, 2016 at 5:19 am

Your right about that we spend a lot more time in the kitchen so its better to choose the right design just for your taste. Great share, I will be remodeling my kitchen next year. Thanks for your tips.

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