White Home Full of Magic

February 7, 2016

Hello my friends!

The week is almost over and before we hit Monday I wanted to share with you this amazing apartment created by architectural studio Form from Kiev. It is whimsical, dreamy, relaxing, calm and serene. With no bright colors, all dramatic effects are made solely with texture and various shapes. There are so many inspiring ideas, that you might want to try to incorporate them in your own home.

First of all these incredible textile wardrobe doors:

apartment 1

Hanger made of dried wooden branch painted in white:

apartment 39

White curtains to divide the room and hide the walk-in closet:

apartment 36

Romantic white nursery:

apartment 32

Lights put on a ladder make a perfect focal point and add a little bit of magic:

apartment 30

In the bathroom I really love the idea of these hanging rails for towels:

apartment 29

Especially when they are hanged near the sink:

apartment 27

Bottles with candles coming from a fairy tale:

apartment 25

Cozy nook with a hammock in one of the hidden corners:

apartment 24

apartment 23

And of course those green pendant lights in the bedroom:

apartment 22

apartment 21

The same element – curtain room dividers are used throughout the house, which create a feeling of continuity:

apartment 18

This dark and moody bathroom is absolutely out of this world:

apartment 17

Magnificent pebble wall: natural materials used in interior design allow us to reconnect with mother nature and benefit our health and wellbeing.

apartment 14

Stacked wood next to the fireplace add warmth to this neutral space:

apartment 12

Another great idea for a relaxing nook, where you can drink tea with friends, play cards or read a book:

apartment 11

apartment 8

And of course as any Scandinavian interior it wouldn’t be complete without a Koushi lampapartment 8

apartment 7 apartment 6 apartment 2

What do you think of this home tour? Did you enjoy it same as me? Looking forward to reading your comments!

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