Small Apartment in Budapest

January 21, 2016

Hello, friends!

As a designer I must say that working with small spaces is sometimes more fun and interesting, than with large ones. You have to be really creative and cautious about the use of every square centimeter and also need to provide some extra storage wherever possible. That’s why this apartment in Budapest immediately caught my attention. So many clever and unusual design decisions in one tiny flat!

Designers from Position Collective firm transformed this small home into a very comfortable and functional space, that can be now rented on Air BnB site. The most eye-catching feature of this apartment is the elevated bed, which has some storage facilities underneath. White net visually separates the space without making it look smaller. Guests can hang their clothes on the rail – personally, I love this solution much more than traditional wardrobes that “eat” so much of valuable space.

Designers used lots of plywood, which made the apartment look very warm and cozy. I really love the creative idea with shelves organization  – you can easily change their position, whenever you need. The budget for the renovation was relatively low, which proves that you don’t need to spend lots of money to create a beautiful and inviting interior.

Air-BnP-home_Position-Collective_small-aparment_Budapest_Hungary_plywood_Balazs-Glodi_dezeen_1568_0 Air-BnP-home_Position-Collective_small-aparment_Budapest_Hungary_plywood_Balazs-Glodi_dezeen_1568_1 Air-BnP-home_Position-Collective_small-aparment_Budapest_Hungary_plywood_Balazs-Glodi_dezeen_1568_2 Air-BnP-home_Position-Collective_small-aparment_Budapest_Hungary_plywood_Balazs-Glodi_dezeen_1568_3 Air-BnP-home_Position-Collective_small-aparment_Budapest_Hungary_plywood_Balazs-Glodi_dezeen_1568_4 Air-BnP-home_Position-Collective_small-aparment_Budapest_Hungary_plywood_Balazs-Glodi_dezeen_1568_5

Bathroom is finished with white tiles, that visually expand this small room. Black grouting highlights the geometry and the space doesn’t look dull.


Open shelves are very convenient to use and are very сapacious too.


Here is the floor plan of the apartment – one of the most creative and unusual that I’ve seen:


Photo credit: Balázs Glódi


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