Easy Ways To Simplify Your Small Space

December 9, 2015

If you are starting to feel hemmed in, it could be time to branch out. It might even be time to move, but if that is not an option, get to grips with your small space. Turn a restricted living and sleeping area into something a little more functional and special.

It is time to come to terms with smaller living and whatever you have inherited, or whatever you are contemplating moving into, you can do it. But it would be a good idea to sit down and see what you can combine, and what you can do without.

It’s just a space.

The space is the space. It is the way you fill it and what you do with it that makes the difference.

From the windows to the walls and from the ceiling to floor, lighten things up.  Brighten up window space by letting in as much light as possible. Banish curtains and install blinds that fit within the recesses of the window. Clean the windows. Letting light in is your number one aim. Light likes to bounce around and it does that best with light white colours.

small space

It loves mirrors too. Have a mirrored wall and you’ll have doubled the space in your place. Simple as that. Keep your flooring light and easy to clean.

Combine the functions

Small space living works on the principle that you don’t do one thing all the time. The complete extreme might be the mansion where you have a room reserved for breakfast, a reading room, etc. Today it’s practically all one room.  

small space

You don’t eat all the time, so your breakfast dining table should either be able to fold away or convert into your desk. Dining chairs that don’t either stack or fit under tables compactly should be replaced with those that do. Be ruthless. If you don’t need a dining table, invest in a breakfast bar.

How much space do you need in your kitchen? Take your tips from caravans and boats.  Chopping boards can fit over sinks. Sinks don’t have to take up half the length of the room. Invest in more compact versions of everything. Dish drawers slide into unit sized pockets. Fridge and freezer alike can also be incorporated into a built in kitchen. Clever designers have even managed to fit drawers into the kickstands of units. Everywhere there is space, there is a storage solution that means you can fit more into less.

small space

Sleeping it off

Your sleeping arrangements are up there at the top of the list.  Why dedicate an entire room to sleeping when you are only there for the time you are not anywhere else?  In a small restricted space this does not make sense.  

small space

For years, designers have tried to combine beds with sofas with mixed results. The end product tended to be a nice sofa no one could sleep on, or a great bed that no one could sit on.  Then there are Futons. Futons are universally acknowledged as a great sleeping experience. Easily folded up they quickly become a comfortable seat. A single or double futon is the best sleeping, sitting solution. They are also the most stylish and just a little bit exotic.

small space

Storage wars

Success in a small space is all about how you store what you need, and getting rid of what you do not. One particular area that is woefully underlooked is underneath the stairs. Explore some of the great solutions for storage in this area.

small space

You can live a happy and rewarding life in a smaller space. You just have to think a little differently. You also have to become function orientated. Many people are finding that it is a challenging but infinitely rewarding way of living. As it turns out, no one wanted the clutter anyway.

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