Essential Colour: Mint Green

November 13, 2015

Mint green is one of those colours that I am constantly drawn to. It is relaxing, soothing and very tranquil. It reminds me of the peaceful ocean waters in the lagoon on a sunny day and old buildings painted once in bright green that became dingy under the bright sunshine.

mint green

So far I haven’t met a client who would share my love for mint green, but I am not losing hope. For that occasion I have already gathered my collection of inspirational interiors.

Mint green works great with pale beige, whites, as well as dusty pinks and darker shades of green:

mint living room

It is a cool colour, so it is good to give it some warmth with brown woods, yellow accents and warm metals, such as gold and brass. As I said, mint is very relaxing, so it is great to use it in such spaces as bedroom or bathroom. However in living room or kitchen it might work pretty well too.

mint living room

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mint kitchen

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mint interior

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mint dining room

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Looking forward for your comments – do you like mint green? have you ever used it for decorating your home?


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