Tips And Tricks – 7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your kitchen

October 29, 2015

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. It is in the kitchen where we cook and prepare the meals we eat. And, it also the place where families can sit down and be a family. In today’s age, that is almost a thing of the past. The kitchen, then, has to represent everything you love about the room. Let’s face it, no one wants to eat or socialise in a room that is as dull as dishwater! To a make that doesn’t happen, take a look at these trade tricks. Interior designers around the country will be scared stiff that you know about their secrets!

Change The Layout

Before gutting the kitchen from top to bottom, it is important to see what difference you can make without starting a massive renovation job. Renovations take time and costs money, so you want to avoid them where possible. By changing the layout, the kitchen will suddenly have more space and will look bigger. Bigger isn’t always better, but in the case of the kitchen, you want as much space as you can afford. By opting for light and movable dining table and chairs you can easily change layout of your kitchen any time you want. Make sure you don’t miss out the stunning range of dining chairs online by Interior Secrets



Once you have the layout you like, you need to decorate the kitchen with a lick of paint. When décor starts to get old and dull, it loses its gloss and its shine. It is remarkable how much affect gloss can have on a room. Because humans are like magpies, we are attracted to shiny objects. Paint will add that shine that instantly refreshes the room and makes it livelier. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

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Brand New Appliances

Where possible, you don’t want to buy new kitchen fittings and fixtures. For example, a new set of draws or an oven can cost you a fortune. It is best to try and make them look better by covering over their flaws. However, when it comes to appliances, it is time to splash the cash. They don’t need to be state of the art, but they do need to look the part. Stainless steel or faux silver appliances are great ways to transform your kitchen. Again, they shine and have a new quality that is hard to revive in appliances once it is lost.

kitchen appliances


No room in the house is complete without the perfect accessories. A room with is just paint and walls is cold and dull. Accessories add life to rooms, and the kitchen is no exception. Plus, in the kitchen, there are certain accessories you cannot live without. Every kitchen needs a set of chairs and a dining room table, so there is a place to sit and eat. Designer dining chairs by Brosa are a fantastic choice for those who want to go upmarket. They look like the real deal, but they are also affordable. Make sure that your chosen accessories fit the tone and style of the room. Otherwise, everything will look out of place.



One thing that lowers the style of a kitchen is clutter. Kitchens tend to be messy because there is so much going on in the room. Everyone uses the kitchen to cook, and there are also a lot of bulky items like a fridge and a freezer that take up a lot of room. As a result, it can be hard to find a suitable place to put it all. Cupboards are your main source of storage. They have lots of room and they can fit anything from a blender to dozens or pots and pans. Also, you can put up more shelves. Shelves add a lot of storage capacity and are easy to install.



The best way to make a room seem different is to play with the lighting. Although it might not be different, it will look different and that is all that counts. Lighting can affect the shape and size of the room. The right amount of lighting will bounces of the surfaces and refract to make everything look more spacious. It is also another reason to have shiny surfaces to heighten the effect. A mirror is also another good addition where lighting is concerned.

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Start Anew

If none of the above hit the spot, you can tear the whole kitchen out and start again. That way, you know that your kitchen will completely transform. However, you should be wary that this method is time-consuming and expensive. Think before you revert to square one.


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