Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

October 9, 2015

In the last decade, people have developed quite an affinity towards contemporary and modern garden designs. This is quite understandable as we live in a modern world where everything is developing quite rapidly. It is defined by hardwood or stone floors and rendered walls. Clean design lines and subtle lighting effects also play a huge part in these contemporary gardens. There is a pattern when it comes to plants that are used in these designs, even though grasses make the most popular choice. In order to create a smart and modern design for your garden, a couple of tips and tricks is listed here for you.

Patterns in Contemporary Garden Design

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Contemporary gardens are all about simplicity, tidiness and organization. That is why when it comes to choosing colors and patterns, the best choices are neutral and subtle colors. It is not recommendable to use too many different ones. It is important to maintain that natural look which can be accomplished by colors such as green, white, black or grey. It is all about making a space that looks well organized and fairly minimalistic.

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When it comes to patterns, geometric shapes and repeating patterns are quite usual in contemporary garden designs. There are many beautiful modern garden ideas, it is only important to have a clear idea what you are trying to accomplish in yours.

Materials in Contemporary Garden Design

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The materials that are used in contemporary gardens play a major role in the whole design. In these gardens, the accent is much more fixed on materials, furniture and architecture. For instance, it is a good idea to implement some stone or cobbled pathways. For more simplicity, concrete steppers are the best choice as they are affordable and come in various shapes and sizes. Other than that, hardwood floors on the deck are a must-have. Of course, every yard needs its privacy. That is why it is quite recommendable to use welded wire panels for fences. They create an ideal fencing materials and can be combined with other different materials such as wood planks.

Plants in Contemporary Garden Design

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Even though we are talking about garden designs, when it comes to contemporary garden design, plants actually aren’t a priority. The best way to introduce some more life in your garden is to use plants with bold silhouettes that can be incorporated in the whole architectural design of the garden.

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Landscaping can be quite a challenging task, so it is a good idea to consult with somebody experienced who knows how to get the job done, like contemporary Sydney garden design experts. It is typical for these kinds of designs that plants and trees are planted in a straight line or just in some organized manner. Containerized trees make quite a good touch in contemporary gardens. Also, topiaries, or neatly shaped shrubs create a beautiful garden surrounding.

Details in Contemporary Garden Design

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Details are also quite important. This can be tricky as the contemporary garden is supposed to be well-organized and not overcrowded. This is why it is important to be careful when choosing the details. Water fountains from simplistic materials give a sophisticated look to the space. Also, choose appropriate light fixtures. Avoid cool-toned lights and go for something that can blend easily in the surroundings but doesn’t fail to give a fair amount of light to focal points in the garden.

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The key to creating a smart and well-organized modern garden is to carefully plan the whole space and to try and incorporate elements that work well with each other. This way you will create a perfect and comfortable setting in your home.

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