Transform Your Bedroom Without Spending A Fortune!

October 2, 2015

There are two rooms in the house that you need to get spot on. One is the kitchen because that is where you cook and eat. And the other is the bedroom because that is where you rest and recuperate from the rigours of the day.

Today, we are going to focus on the bedroom. Everyone wants their bedroom to be the epitome of relaxation. But, from time to time money and available funds will dictate how you kit out your boudoir. Redecorating or renovation can be expensive, which is why it is important to try and find ways to slash the cost.


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Tidy Up The Clutter

No matter how much money you spend, your bedroom will never look right if it is not tidy. Buying a new bed frame or wardrobe cabinets won’t do anything other than throw cash down the drain. Before you attempt to make any considerable design changes, get the hoover out and have a whip around. Put everything back where it belongs, straighten up the décor and make the bed. There is no excuse for a messy and unmade bed!

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Splash Of Paint Anyone?

One design secret that the professionals don’t want you to know with regards to paint. Quite simply, paint can make anything look newer just by going over it with a fresh coat. The shine and the gloss of the coat instantly revamp the style and roll back the years. Okay, it might not look as good as the real deal, but it will do for the short-term. Target any part of the bedroom that is looking old and outdated to bring it back to life.

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Change The Sheets

New duvet cover sets can completely transform the entire style of the room. The colour of your bedding sets the tone for the room because it can be the main attraction of the colour scheme. Yes, there might be more colours on the walls, but the intensity and contrast of your duvet cover could be a focal point. For example, a bedroom with a soft red colour will look amazing with a jet black duvet. Plus, new sheets add a crispness and freshness that is hard to replicate. Want to hear the best part? Duvet covers cost less than twenty pounds.

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Add Nature

Because the weather is turning, it is important to keep the outside firmly outside for the most part. Obviously, you don’t want the rain and the wind in your bedroom because it will be freezing. But, adding some nature to the room creates a fresh buzz. Flowers are the best example. Flowers look amazing, depending on which ones you choose, and they smell incredible, too. The smell of your bedroom is just as important as the sights. A bad smell can completely ruin everything you have tried so hard to achieve.

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Move The TV

The television will impair your sleep because of the glow from the screen and additional radiation – your body can detect it even when you are asleep. What’s the point of your bedroom if it is not functional?

You can do the majority of the above without spending a penny. Now that’s what I call transforming a bedroom on a budget!

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