Make Your Home More Spacious with These Tips

September 28, 2015

Is your home started to feel a little cramped? Every home needs to feel open and roomy, so try out these tips to make your property more spacious.

Use Mirrors

This is the oldest and simplest trick in the book. Hanging a couple of mirrors on the wall makes the room feel more spacious and look more spacious, even if there’s no extra space at all. This is why it has a lasting appeal. Mirrors will reflect the light in the room making it feel brighter, which in turn will make the space feel bigger. And, of course, the mirrors also create an optical illusion by making it seem like there#s extra depth in the room.

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Consider How You Can Move Through the Room

How you move through the home will have an impact on how the space is perceived by you and the people who visit your home. So, think about how you move around the room and make sure the flow is natural and convenient. You don’t want to arrange your furniture in a way that forces you to snake around the room to pass through it. You should make sure that there’s a clear walkway through the room. Making a few key changes to the room’s layout could make a big difference and make the space feel bigger.

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Change Your Window Coverings

Having big and bulky window coverings will make the room feel smaller and darker. So, if you have a huge pair of thick curtains in your living room, you should think about tearing them down and replacing them. If you ask me, it’s best to use blinds rather than curtains. They can be pulled up to let light in, and they don’t block light at the side of the windows. They’re also very slim and lightweight, and this means they won’t be able to dominate the room and make it feel smaller than it is.

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Build an Extension

If you want to splash out and give yourself a lot more space in the home, your best option is to build an extension. You just need to come up with some plans, and then find a builder to do the work for you. This is a good investment to make because it’s a sure-fire way to provide you with more space. And it will also add some extra value to the home. In the long-term, you might make your money back when it comes to selling the home.

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Utilize All the Space

There are lots of small spaces around the home that often go to waste. For example, do you use the space under the stairs for storing things in? And do you make sure that every corner of the room is utilized as fully as it could be?

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If you don’t do those things, then you should start. You should also make more use of your walls. Shelving can offer you more floor space by removing the need for more cabinets and drawers in the room. Don’t waste a single square inch of space in your home!

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