Keep it Natural: Delightful Nordic Inspiration

September 27, 2015

Scandinavian interior design has become one of the most admired ones worldwide. People want to see those sleek lines of Danish furniture and cheap and stylish Swedish pieces of household inventory. Indeed, who can resist that sublime elegance that blends warmth and coziness with functionality and clean lines, captivating us with its pure beauty?

It’s no walk in park to get the style right, however, so rely on other people’s experience and don’t shy away from borrowing their ideas. Comfortable and functional, that’s how you want it and that’s what you will get if you follow some simple rules.

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Via Emmahos

Down to earth

One of the first things to bear in mind that clean and simple is the name of the game. These principles of minimalism should rule your home setting. Decoration must not be too aggressive, and the same goes for furniture pieces. Something like a classic Danish chair, simple wooden table, or a mid-century piece fits well. It is about the sleek style, but the substance also- Nordic style embraces raw and natural materials.  

Mother Nature knows best when it comes to them. Those like wool, leather, cotton, glass and silk should be the basis for your attempts to go Scandinavian. Keep this in mind when shopping for furniture, throw carpets, and sheets, and use layering techniques to make an impact. Wood is a nice addition to the ceiling as well- beams can bring the much needed organic texture to your living environment.  

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Photo by Kristofer Johnsson  

And don’t worry about the imperfectness of natural material and fabric- this is an important element of the shabby chic that Nordic style aims for.  The greatest thing is that you can combine such materials with no problem. The soft leather and rough cotton tag along just fine, and give an exciting variety to the space. Combining different textures is a step in the right direction, bringing a sense of warmth in the cool Nordic atmosphere.

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Styling by Josefin Haag, via Coco Lapine Design 

A day on a rocky beach

Bright colors break the Scandinavian immersion, so go with neutral ones. Stony gray, deep sea blue and eggshell white are quite popular, as are any other colors you would see on a rocky terrain by the seaside. So, if your walls are white to begin with, you leave them so. Yes, this is not the most practical solution there is, but we are talking about the looks here, and that demands some sacrifices.

nordic decor

Be cautious when choosing patterns, or even better, avoid them whenever possible. If you can’t seem to live without some splash of color, you can introduce it with accessories and handmade items. You can put some statement pieces on the wall, for example, but still try to keep the colors muted.  Geometry never gets old, and you can introduce it with fabric or lighting, or details like modern vases.

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Styling by Elvera van Schaik  

Plants are a welcome guest in Nordic homes, as they offer a breath of fresh air and add some more natural color to your home. Animal themed or monochrome prints are another great complement.  Just remember not to overdo it- it’s always better to scale back in accessories and deal with the clutter in your home. A bit of playfulness and fun never hurt anyone, but know that less is more.

You also need a proper lighting and industrial one will do the trick here. A more daring option would be something like a modernist classic- an oversized Japanese paper globes for example. If you want to keep it sleek and minimalistic, install cool recessed LED downlights for they give of the ambience of a true Nordic home that craves for some light. But, don’t forget to let the natural light in as well, as you can never have too much natural if you want a true Nordic shelter.

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Image on Décor Dots 

Heaven is a place on earth

Scandinavian style is hailed for its simplicity and sheer beauty. It offers a plethora of innovative design ideas that will revamp your space and turn into a delightful haven. Keep it practical and neutral and start with a blank canvas. Use furniture and décor to color it, but mind the tones.

nordic decor

Also, if you can’t find a certain material in nature, then it probably has no place in your Nordic style home. Such a living space should be livable, comfortable, functional and beautiful. Until you have achieved such a perfect balance, there is always room for improvement.

This article was written by a guest contributor – Zoe Clark. You can follow Zoe on 

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