Impress Your Neighbours With Some Brilliant Curb Appeal Concepts

September 15, 2015

If you are looking to give your home additional curb appeal, you may be thinking about a future sale. Or, you might just want your house to stand out from the rest of the street. Either way, it is about making your home look unique with some additional features.

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But, your first step should be to speak to a landscaper or an exterior design expert. They can help you with your plans and even if you don’t take on their service, they might still point you in the right direction. Once you have discussed your ideas with a designer, you can choose how to move forward but here are some tips on how to get started.

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Improve The House

There are plenty of people, you might be one of them, who immediately think of the garden when they hear the mention of curb appeal. But actually, you should start by looking at the building itself, not the surrounding land. Key features that you may want to think about improving are the windows, the garage door and the front door. If you want to improve bigger areas of the exterior of your house, such as the overall colour, you tend to need approval from your local council. Even then, they often do not grant permission because they would rather the houses in the area look relatively similar. However, they doors and windows are the exception and they are easily improved.

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If we start with the windows, you can quite easily boost their appeal by adding a few decorative pieces. You may want to try adding some flowers to the window sill or a few small ornaments. These can make your windows look very attractive, and you can also get lights, specifically for around your curtains. This can certainly make a house stand out at night.

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Then you should think about improving the front door. You might be surprised to hear that front doors do fall in and out of style. If yours is no longer fashionable, you might want to consider an upgrade. You will find plenty of different stylish choices online for you to choose from. Of course, some homeowners opt to save on cost by simply varnishing their old door, making it look newer.

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Style The Garden

When it comes to styling the garden, you still want it to stand out. A popular stylistic choice right now is to add a water feature to your front yard. If you want to save on cost, you will pick a design that is easy to maintain, rather than one that will need constant attention. One idea, is to cut out a line of land, add some rocks and then bury a pipe that provides water. The water then runs over the rocks and looks rather beautiful and elegant.

patio water feature

Or you may want to consider adding some other decorative features to your garden. These can be natural or designed. You could try both. An example would be to buy a stone statue of a stag. Then, plant some flowers around to frame it, making it the centre piece of your front yard.



These ideas are sure to add value to your home and make passersby stop and stare. Why not try a few yourself?


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