Home Improvement Ideas For People Who Work Away

September 5, 2015

Those of you who spend a lot of time working away from home might want to make some changes. The home improvement ideas on this page are perfect because they make your life easier. You won’t want to come home to a messy house every time you get a few days off work. The suggestions we’re about to make will ensure you have to perform the least amount of cleaning possible. At the end of the day, you just need to use some common sense.

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If you’re living in rented accommodation, checking with your landlord is a good idea. Sometimes you have to be careful about alterations when you don’t own the property. Presuming you’re not allowed to make changes, you might want to consider a relocation. There are plenty of other apartments available, no matter where you might live. Just find one with a more reasonable owner.

If you worry about your home being vacant for long periods of times, why not explore the idea of Live In Guardians? This will eliminate the stress of an empty home and allow you to enjoy your trip as much as possible.

Remove your carpets!

Carpets might keep your feet nice and toasty, but they gather dust and dirt very quickly. Do yourself a favor and rip them out as soon as possible. Replace them with a laminate or real wood solution. It will still look pretty dirty when you come home from a long few months working. However, at least you only have to use a broom to sort everything out. That will help to save you a lot of time and effort. The last thing you want is to spend all your free time cleaning.

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Paint the walls in darker shades

Presuming you’re more interested in functionality than style, painting in darker shades might be wise. Those neutral colors people use are prone to look stained when they don’t get cleaned often enough. While darker colors will still gather dust, you won’t notice it as much. It is not really necessary to spend much on the paint for the rented house and buy the most expensive ones. There are plenty of good quality paints available at affordable price. 

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Install some shutters

Most of your neighbors will know you are not at home most of the time. So, it makes sense to install some shutters the next time you head home. They will help to keep the house more secure. They will also help to make it more attractive when you finally make it home. You can buy shutters online very cheaply. Just make sure you read the descriptions. You need something that is large enough to cover your entire window. It also makes sense to get products designed to provide extra security. Some shutters were created with aesthetics in mind.


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Those simple home improvement ideas should make your life a little more enjoyable. I can only imagine what it must be like to come home and have to deal with everything after months away. However, at least you now have some great concepts that will reduce the level of work you have to perform. There are lots of other things you might like to consider. For instance, employing the services of a cleaner each week will mean you never have to worry. Even so, you’ll need to find someone you trust with your keys while you’re working away.


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