The Importance Of Light: How To Pick The Right Light Fixtures

August 29, 2015

As an interior decorating buff, I won’t need to tell you how important lighting is when it comes to style. Without going into too much detail for those who aren’t aware, it is incredibly important. Lighting is a flexible and affordable way of controlling the light and colour scheme of your home. Consequently, it also controls the style.

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As it is such a big deal, you need to make sure you pick the right light fixtures. But, how do you know what fixtures are better than others or what fixtures best suits your home?

Bright Or Dark?

Your house will have a lighting tone, even if you don’t know what it is. Some people prefer dark and cosy while others prefer light and airy. It is up to what scheme you decide on, but your lighting fixtures need to complement the tone. For example, small lamps and spotlights are incredibly effective at making a room look warm and cosy. With the help of a lampshade or a switch, you can turn the light up and down and control the amount of light.

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Glamorous Or Sleek?

Think of the best designs you have ever seen in someone’s home, and there will undoubtedly be a light fixture somewhere in the mix. Lights are so good at giving off the impression that you want to give off, even if that is not the case. A glamorous home, for example, might have Chandeliers as the ultimate sign of wealth and prosperity. But, you might prefer something more basic and more to your tastes. In that case, a couple of lights dotted around the room will work perfectly. Why? Because they are sleek and contemporary at the same time.



There is no point buying light fixtures that you cannot afford. The fixtures that are seen as the ones synonymous with wealth are extremely expensive and are, therefore, not worth it. One of the first rules of interior design is to stay in budget. Otherwise, you could just hire a professional and let them do as they pleased! At the end of the day, you will always be able to find a cheaper alternative that fits the style and tone of your home.

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We are not talking about the initial cost of the lights anymore. We are talking about how much it takes to run them in your house. Some lights, like chandeliers, are expensive to buy and expensive to run because they need a lot of power. That means you could end up paying a fortune for the fittings and the electricity. So, if you are considering cutting costs and saving the planet, they are fixtures you would want to leave well alone.

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Lights can work wonders in small spaces. If you have a home that is devoid of space, you need lights that emit a lot of power. The more light you have in your property, the bigger the property will look.


If you ever want to sell the house, lighting could add thousands on top!


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