Great Ideas For Doing Up A House For Rent

August 21, 2015

If you are thinking of investing in property, then now could be a good time to jump in. Many people enjoy the challenge of doing up properties to rent out. Nowadays, more and more professionals like nurses and doctors are looking for rented accommodation. They need somewhere to stay during their working week. If you are up for becoming a landlord, here are some tips for creating the perfect professionals pad:

Living Room

This room is important for sharing professionals to come together and chat. It needs to be social so pick furniture like corner suites and large coffee tables. Many professionals like stylish accommodation with plenty of tech. Install a good smart TV and provide WiFi as part of the rental agreement. Don’t leave the decor bland. Instead, keep it vibrant and stylish. Choose colours and patterns that are sure to swoon your target tenants.


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Of course, it is essential to keep your investment costs down so you can easily generate a profit. You can find cheap bathrooms that are still very stylish. Don’t get carried away with high-end fittings. Instead, pick toilet and basin sets that are trendy. You’ll also need shower enclosures that are functional. To maximise your rental income, you may want to add some extra en-suite bathrooms. Keep everything down in size to ensure the space is still functional.

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The kitchen is an area that needs to be functional and practical. You might provide a large American fridge-freezer. This is handy when you are renting out a house for multiple occupancies. Provide plenty of worktop space too. Integrated appliances are easier to keep clean. You may consider supplying countertop facilities like a toaster and kettle, though. Check your local regulations regarding the requirement for fire extinguishers and blankets.



Each of the bedrooms will require a wardrobe, bed, and a bedside chest. Beyond that, you might also provide a dressing table and some good quality mirrors. Some professionals work odd shift patterns. Providing black-out blinds and curtains will be much appreciated. Keep the decor stylish in each room too. Any carpets should be good quality but hardwearing.


Outside Spaces

While they may not end up being used very much, the outside space makes a lot of difference to the rent you can charge. Keep it easy-to-maintain but useful for entertaining. You may have some decking area and a patio dining set. Some solar panel exterior lights can be very inviting too. Provide housing for waste bins so they are not unsightly and prone to animal attacks.


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Each room should have a TV point, even if you are not supplying the TVs. Broadband internet access is often expected as part of the rental agreement. You might also want to supply cable or satellite TV subscriptions as part of your package.

Taking on a house to do up for rental is a great project. There are several rules and regulations you will need to follow. Many are regarding fire safety and security. The fun part is in styling the house to be attractive to prospective tenants. After just a few weeks of hard work, you can sit back and enjoy the rental income.


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