Looking For Home Improvements With A Difference? Try These Awesome Ideas

August 20, 2015

Thinking of renovating your home? As everyone knows, it isn’t great for your bank balance. But why not think of things a little differently? Seeing as you are going to have to spend anyway, you might want to invest that little bit more in creating something entirely different. We like to think of it as an opportunity, rather than a financial millstone. So, we’ve put together some great ideas for home improvements that will give your house that difference you have always dreamed of.


Build a garage

If you have the space to build a garage, then we suggest you give it a lot of consideration. There are a few reasons why. Firstly, it’s an investment. Homes with garages sell for more money, and you should be able to make a profit on the costs of building it. Secondly, they are incredibly adaptable. These days, you are just as likely to see a garage that has been converted into another room, or a gym, or an office as you are to see one with a car in it. It’s more space for the house, will lower your insurance premiums, and your imagination can run wild with ideas. Take a look at this piece from RedBeacon for some inspiration.

roof gardencredit

Create some space on your roof

One area of the home that many people don’t think about is the roof. It’s a big area that is ripe for creating unusual features. You could, of course, install solar panels and reap the rewards of cheaper energy bills for many years to come. But, there is so much more you can do. Take a look the finishes you can get over at ELC Roofing. We love the modernity of the zinc roofing and the striking appearance of a lead finish. But, the one that intrigues us the most is the flat roof. Think of the possibilities for just a second – a roof garden, a place for dinner parties, or even an outdoor room. There is so much that you could do – so why not get your ideas down on paper and think about your options?



Build an incredible treehouse

There’s something about treehouses that are just irresistible to many people. So, if you have space in your garden, then why not one? Whether you have kids or not, they can provide a great place for relaxing in the summer.You could even use it as a romantic retreat every once in a while. BoredPanda has some fabulous creations over on their website. Make sure that you check them out and feel free to send us over some suggestions.



Go open plan

Open plan homes are very much on trend at the moment. There are some great examples over at HouseToHome, and of course, the TV show Grand Designs is a constant source of inspiration. If you are tired of the walls of your home feeling like they are constricting you, and taking up valuable space, then why not get rid of them? Get in touch with a local architect and see if anything can be done.

There’s no doubt that home renovations are expensive. But for that little bit extra you could end up with something truly remarkable. Inspired? Let us know in the comments section below.


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