Hand painted Ceramic Plate as a Beautiful Coffee Table Centerpiece

August 15, 2015

It is always very pleasant to receive feedback from the customers, who purchased something for their homes from my boutique. And it is even more exciting to get some photos from them.

Last month I received a custom order from one very sweet couple from Australia. They got interested in this plate, however they wanted something significantly bigger to use as a table centerpiece.

Hand painted clay plate

The usual size of the plates that we make is 20 and 25 cm so we had to order from our ceramicist the maximum possible size which was 46 cm (the size that fits into kiln is 50 cm and after firing the clay is getting smaller). Here is the plate that we got from him:

clay plate 1 clay plate 2

It took Anush Khemchyan (our artist) almost a week to paint this plate, since the design was very delicate and intricate. She also modified the style a little bit to make it unique:

clay plate 1 clay plate 2

Before sending the plate to the customers we took some photos of the plate in the actual interiors to make sure that they like it and we can proceed with the shipment.

clay plate 4 hand painted plate 1 hand painted plate 2 hand painted plate 3

Now was the most challenging part: to safely pack the plate so it will survive the long travel from Armenia to Australia. Here is how we made it (since we now know that the plate arrived in one piece, I really recommend this type of packaging if you need to send large fragile items by post):

1. Enclose your item in a bubble or soft plastic wrap:

wrapping ceramics

2. Take two pieces of Styrofoam and cut them to match the size of the box so that it doesn’t move inside. Make a dimple for your item inside the Styrofoam using a knife:

wrapping ceramics 4

3. Secure two pieces with sellotape and put it in the box:

wrapping ceramics 5 wrapping ceramics 6

Finally, we were so happy to receive photos from our customers and to see how the plate looks like in their beautiful house in Australia:

hand painted plate 1

hand painted plate 2

Do you like this hand painted ceramic plate? Want something unusual and one of a kind for your home? Contact me today to discuss a custom order or visit my boutique to choose from the existing designs that we have.


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