Ways to Increase the Value of an Old House

August 13, 2015

It is rather easy to find an excuse when you don’t want to do something. Excuse for not being able to sell an old, ruinous house you own are especially easy to find. However, if you decide to do something about it, you can quickly turn this situation around. Renovate your home in an astonishing ‘Boho-chic’ manner and watch as the value of your old house skyrockets.

DIY Boho ideas

The best thing about redesigning in Boho style is the fact that it is not about the money, but about the effort you invest, and the details. Most of the items used in this process are completely unique and DIY, which means that you are limited only with your imagination and willingness to work. So take the matter into your own hands and start making your own Boho-furniture; this will add charm to your home.

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Play with colors

The best wall color for your Boho home is probably vintage ocher or oyster blue. Still, your walls not stay empty, for the amount of cute Boho details you can decorate them with is huge. Add scarves, wooden and brass ornaments, DIY dream catchers, and retro flower motifs to really get the air of the 60s in your room. Since this kind of paint job is very difficult to apply, you should probably delegate it to renovation services or commercial painters. Also, wallpapers with interesting prints in these colors are a good idea. You can additionally enhance the impression that your walls make by selecting the right patchwork curtain.

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The choice of furniture

Now, this is where you are allowed to go completely wild since not only can you transform your already existing furniture but also make a new one. Remember, Boho’s arch-nemesis is an empty space, so feel free to fill empty spaces on your walls and shelves by adding something like jewels Boho hanger made from a simple plank, some wood paint, and a couple of nails. Just remember one more thing: antique is chic as well, so never throw away an old radio or sewing machine – radio can look amazing in your living room, and old machine can be transformed into a table.

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Light is the key

There is nothing like having plenty of natural light in your home, it opens up the space a lot. However, having plenty of windows also means that you might be losing warmth, so you have to stop that from happening or your bills will be too high. By installing double-glazing windows, you will make sure you keep the natural light and you will not go bankrupt when you pay electricity bills. To spice the ‘Boho air’, add numerous candle lanterns and small lamps to the room; it will certainly make the entire place look better.

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Although monetary investments here are not that great, all of this is extremely time consuming and this is what discourages most people. Still, it is important to mention that the end result of this is always more than worth it and that any investment made tends to return many times over. The world is your playground; allow your old house to be your canvas, your blank canvas for you to paint on.


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