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July 24, 2015

Dear friends, happy Friday!

I have just submitted my project 4 for KLC and feel extremely happy about that fact)). The part of the project was to create design for Artisan bakery and cafe. The brief for the project was the following:

“You have been contacted by Nick Smith following his recent purchase of a shop of early 19th century origin in the busy market town of Lewes, East Sussex. The town sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park, an area on the south coast of England surrounded by hills and near the sea. Alcohol will not be sold on the premises – the shop is not currently licensed – and the business will be open from 8am until 8pm serving food and drink throughout the day from breakfast to early supper. The shop will serve tea, coffee, soft drinks and fresh juices as well as specialty baker products and light meals in a cafe area with waiter service.”

So here is my concept for this project. I decided to design the space in industrial style and used lots of rustic materials, such as brick, wood, linen that will be associated with the overall atmosphere of the this little town. Black will be the primary colour and subtle pink will be used for little accents.

bakery-design-7Here is the plan of the space. On the right side is the shop section, on the left is the cafe and they are connected with little corridor in between. I made sure that each table is accessible and it is easy to move around the space. Also I wanted the place to be suitable for different types of clients – singles, who might sit at the bar, couples, and even small parties.


Here is the elevation drawing of the bar area:


Section drawing:


And finally rendered perspective drawings:

bakery-design-3 bakery-design2

The last thing I needed to do for this project is the sample board:


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