Ceramic Wall Art and Armenian Eternity Symbol

June 26, 2015

Just got this new plate for my boutique and excited to share it with you. This striking and original wall art is made by wonderful Armenian artist Anush Khemchyan.


Anush was inspired by the ancient symbol of eternity, which could be found everywhere in Armenia – from murals in churches to ancient khochkary (tomb crosses). It symbolizes everlasting, celestial life. It is one of the most sacred symbols of Armenian culture and is also known as the “Wheel of Eternity” stemmed from worship of the sky and the sun.

eternity symbol

The symbol dates back to 5th century AD and by Armenians is often called the Arevakhach (արևախաչ – sun-cross). It is considered that Armenian symbol is the descendent of Swastika. It’s earlier versions have also similarity with David’s star:


This symbol is still popular in modern Armenia as well and is often used in contemporary decorative art. The plate is made from the red clay,  fired in kiln and then hand decorated with acrylic paints using the finest of brushes. It is very large (42 cm) and will definitely become a statement piece in any room:

ceramic wall art

ceramic wall art


plate-7 plate-8


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