Hand Fans For Home and Wedding Decor

June 19, 2015

Good evening! (well, at least it is evening on this side of the globe)

I just received these gorgeous hand decorated wooden fans in my boutique – I am totally in love with them! Available in various colours they will become a perfect gift for your loved ones and also you can do some beautiful and original decorations with them.

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So I thought it will be really cool to make a display of them on a wall, similar to this one:


hand fan


Or put them on chairs to hold wedding place cards:


hand fan 2

You can also use them to style your working desk to give it a little bit of boho charm:


Or just put it on a coffee table to make an attractive vignette:


hand fans 4

Hand fans have very long history, archeological finds show that the first ones appeared in Ancient Greece in the 4th century BC. I love objects with long history so I am truly excited about having them in my boutique. Folding fans are convenient to carry around and they will become a wonderful gift for summer for girls of all ages!

Have a great weekend!

hand fans 3


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