Trending Bathrooms: Black + White + Bold

April 1, 2015

Spotting trends today! There is one which I personally love: I’ve been seeing it for a while now. It makes such a strong impression at home! I am talking about bold black and white bathrooms.

Used in small areas like bathrooms and entryways, bold and striking black & white pattern actually distracts from the small dimensions of the space:

bathroom 1

Golden accessories on such background look especially glamorous:

bathroom 2

Love how malachite mirror stands out on this spotted wallpaper. Black ceiling finishes the look (definitely something to try in the future):

bathroom 4

One of my favourite spaces that proves that different woods can and should be mixed within one space. Red coloured wood of toilet seat cover is complimented by red spots on the aged mirror, flowers and painting:

bathroom 5

This is one of the most posh bathrooms that I’ve ever seen. Marble, brass, pink, black and white:

bathroom 6

The animal trend is not going to slow down anytime soon, so it’s time to update our homes with fascinating finishings and accessories, like, for example, this gorgeous wallpaper:

bathroom 8

Black and white stripes, doesn’t matter, whether it is a rug, a piece of furniture or wallpaper like here, always give a room an edge and make it look more luxurious and expensive, than it really is:

bathroom 9

Botanicals is another trend which is  definitely worth following:

bathroom 10

One more gorgeous bathroom with striped wallpaper:

bathroom 11

and finally black wallpaper with white trees:

bathroom 12

Do you like this trend? is it something that you would consider for your own home? Looking forward to hearing from you!


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