Favorite Shop: Orly Design

February 18, 2015

I must admit that one of my greatest weaknesses is that I get distracted very easily. In fact, I was writing a blog about Feng Shui tips for the kitchen. Then for one minute I thought I would browse through Etsy just to relax a bit, when I stumbled upon this absolutely adorable shop called Orly Design and it just took my breath away! So, I just can’t not share it with you today.

The owner Orly Pittel is a mom of 3 children and a former teacher of computers networking. Several years ago she quit her day job to focus on her hobby – ceramics. She makes some of the most beautiful objects I’ve ever seen. I have picked in this post my favourite ones:

turquoise ceramics 2

These gorgeous platters are from the stoneware clay and stamped with vintage lace pattern. Needless to say that each piece is one of a kind.


Two little cuties – wedding cake topper.

ceramic flowers

These colourful flowers will become a focal point on a festive dining table and will definitely last…

turquoise ceramics 3

Happy Hanukkah candles in the shape of flowers.

turquoise ceramics 6

Decorative centre piece for the table – it will be wonderful for serving cookies, cakes or candies.

turquoise ceramics 7

Pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity, fruitfulness and good luck, so it will be nice to have it at home!

turquoise ceramics 8

turquoise ceramics

Here is what Orly says about the art process: “The hardest part in my creation…Every time I turn on the kiln I literally count the hours and minutes till I can open it, and this kind of kiln when working with ceramics, has a LOT of minutes to count… In my nature I’m a kind of person who wants to see immediate results, so waiting is the hardest part of my creation process. For me, to open the kiln at the end of the process is like opening a treasury box with many colorful unique surprises …”

orly pittel 2 Orly Pittel 3 orly pittel


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