Designing Bathroom for Sarah Jessica Parker: Work on the Concept

February 3, 2015

I am still waiting for the marks for my third Module with KLC, but in the meantime I have already started to work on the next project and I must say I am so excited about it as it promises to be super interesting.

The first part of it is called “Cerebrity Bathroom Design” and as per the brief I needed to choose a celebrity/personality as my client and then design a bathroom for him or for her. I immediately decided whom I will choose: I’ve always admired Sarah Jessica Parker, her style, her amazing personality and I would dye for the opportunity to work with her in the real life.

Any design proposal starts with preparing a concept and in order to make one, I have done the following steps:

1. Thoroughly explored personality, style and character of SJP by listening interviews with her, collecting her photos from various magazines and websites, reading articles and blogs. I gathered information about her age, likes, dislikes, hobbies, lifestyle, family etc. I also needed to decide / imagine where this property will be, whether it is their main residence or holiday home (I have chosen that it will be their apartment in Paris, where they would come for vacation every now and then). To facilitate the process I used mind maps and my PRJ (Personal Reflective Journal):



2. After that I wrote a very detailed design analysis, asking myself 3 questions: 1) what exists? 2) what is desired? 3) what is possible?

3. Design analysis that I’ve done took almost 3 pages and my next step would be to summarise it, writing a design statement. Here it is:

Paris inspired space, romantic and elegant. Soft and light pastel colour palette will help to achieve relaxing and very feminine look. Luxurious contemporary bathroom fixtures and finishings will create opulent and glamorous environment.

 Open layout and light colours will make the room look very spacious and airy, while some lavish and extravagant features, such as spectacular chandelier and oversized bathtub will add the wow-factor.

4. Now it was time to make a visual presentation of my ideas – a concept board, which will express mood, style and colour scheme of the design proposal. I took inspiration from SJP personal style, our “virtual” brief with her, location of the space… I’ve collected images that would visually represent the design statement that I’ve written. I searched for the pictures that would express colour, texture, patterns, mood and style:


5. Now it was time to edit: from all images that I’ve got I’ve picked the most “strong” and effective. Here is my final concept:


What do you think about it?

Now the next steps will be to make a planning solution and find all necessary finishings, fittings and furniture. Will keep you posted on the progress!


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