Flatlight by Studio Cheha

January 17, 2015

I was writing about this design for Architectural Digest Russia and was so fascinated by it that couldn’t not mention it on my own blog.

Designers of Studio Cheha often use optical illusions in their work. Now they have created the Flatlight – a 2D candle holder that appear 3D. When looking at it from the angle, it seems that Flatlight has height and volume, but in fact it is a flat sheet of brass, which is 0,4 mm thick.  The concept of Flatlight was to show that even the most ordinary everyday object can be rethought in a creative and unexpected way, that’s why designers have chosen the most traditional, basic forms. The intricate ornament on the surface is done using the photochemical etching. Flatlight comes in three colours: white, black and natural brass.

Flatlight Flatlight Flatlight


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