Shopping Antiques in Dubai

January 13, 2015

Just got back to Moscow from an absolutely amazing trip to Dubai. I have been to this city five years ago, but because I was on a business trip I didn’t have opportunity to really discover it, so this time I made up leeway.

Everybody knows that Dubai is famous for shopping, huge skyscrapers (including the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa), lots of entertainment activities and its beaches. One thing is for sure: you will never get bored in this city…


As usually the most interesting part for me was to discover something authentic, historical. It’s quite hard to do that in a city that was built only several decades ago. When I told to my friend from Dubai that I would like to buy some vintage or antique souvenirs, he suggested that we go to the Global Village. It is located on the suburb of the city and is basically a huge open air marketplace with sellers from all over the world.

Global Village in Dubai

Entrance to the Global Village

We started from the Saudi Arabian Stand which was just right next to the entrance. Here is what we saw:

These substances which I thought was something eatable are in fact incense mixtures.

These substances which I thought was something eatable are in fact incense mixtures.

Incenses of all kind are an important part of Arabic culture. This wood is called Oud or Agarwood and is valued for its intense and distinctive aroma:

Global Village in Dubai

Oud is used for perfume production but can be also burnt in an incense burner:

Global Village in Dubai

In UAE pavilion there was a lot of fake gold:

Global Village in Dubai

spices and nuts:


and these hand woven baskets from natural fibres:


Turkish tent was the most  colourful and vibrant and reminded me of bustling bazaars in Istanbul:

IMG_9710 IMG_9736

Moroccan shops just took my breath away with this gorgeous hand carved wooden furniture, intricate brass lamps and colourful vases (when I saw all this I promised to myself that my next trip will be Morocco):

IMG_9753 IMG_9757 Global Village in Dubai IMG_9756 IMG_9755 Global Village in Dubai

Now it was time to have a bite – here we had a chance to try cuisines from all over the world:

Global Village in Dubai IMG_9713 Global Village in Dubai

After a short break we continued our tour and Afghanistan was our next stop. No surprise, the Afghan carpets were the main products for sale here:

Afghanistan Carpets Afghanistan Carpets Afghanistan Carpets Afghanistan Carpets

My favourite pavilion was the one from Yemen, where I discovered an amazing shop selling very rare antique and vintage items:

antiques from Yemen antiques from Yemen antiques from Yemen

So I have purchased these curious antiques for my boutique:

Copper incense burner of the 19th century with a beautiful patina to show off its age:

Antique Copper Incense Burner Antique Copper Incense Burner

Brass betel nut cutter with intricate ornament (circa 18th century). Betel chewing is a common habit in Southeast Asian countries and India, which has an addictive psycho-stimulating and euphoria-inducing effects.

Antique Betel Nut Cutter

Antique Betel Nut Cutter

Finally, I have purchased this beautiful antique brass cabinet padlock from Yemen, XIX century in the shape of a bull. It has an original flat key and it is still in working order. When you push the key in, it moves the inner chamber that will then push the tail out. To lock it all you need to do is push the tail back into the hole. This lock will add a little bit of Oriental culture to any home decor.

Antique lock



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