Great Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Small Bathrooms 

January 7, 2015

Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanity: Important Factors To Consider

Everyone wish to have a big and spacious bathroom which is not only stylish, but functional at the same time. One of the best ways to get a functional bathroom is by adding bathroom vanities by Caesarstone. There are various designs available which you can pick while adding vanities in the bathroom space. You either have the option to go for the classy or traditional antique vanities or may also opt for the modern designs which look pretty good.


You certainly have a huge range of options, especially if you have a big bathroom space. When it comes to small bathroom, you should be a little careful and choose the right ones. Never ever go for vanity furniture because it can take a lot of space, such as the old antique bathroom vanities as they will create congestion in your bathroom if you have chosen the bulky designs.

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These days, more and more homeowners prefer to invest in contemporary bathroom vanity which can easily fit in both the small and big bathrooms. While choosing the bathroom vanities for your bathroom space, the very first thing which you should consider is the bathroom space. You should remember that placing all the different items in the bathroom space, occupying the free spaces may create a very clumsy and cluttered look. This is one of the major reasons why you should always pick the best ones.

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Consider The Budget

Along with your bathroom space, it is also the budget which you should consider while choosing the bathroom vanities. For homeowners who are a little tight on budget, they can also go for small bathroom sinks and vanity. This is one of the best options as you get the option to use both the sink and storage space at the very same time.

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If it becomes a little difficult for you to place a vanity cabinet, what you can do is add a corner piece. This helps you to make the most of the bathroom corner as you can easily place a sink on it. While you are planning, you should first focus on getting the right design for the bathroom space.

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Always make sure to choose the one which can help you utilize the space in a proper way. Furthermore, you should be able to organize the bathroom items in the right way. To maximize the space and helping you in organizing the items, you should probably choose two or three or four drawers. It can help you organize the small bathroom items i.e. soaps, toothbrushes etc.

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Along with small drawers, you should also choose modern bathroom vanities with shelves below the drawers. It can be the best storage space where you can place the essential bathroom accessories i.e. robes, towels etc. However, it always depends on the vanity size that you will be choosing for the space.


No matter whether you are looking for Caesarstone quartz countertops or bathroom vanities, it’s advisable to go through the review online or understand the features so that you can choose the best product for your bathroom space. Keep all these great tips in mind to make the right choice.


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