Gorgeous Kitchens With Brightly Colored Cabinets

December 17, 2014

by Jane Blanchard

All-white cabinets have long been a kitchen design trend, but I’m starting to see more and more kitchens with colorful cabinets that pop and enhance the look of the entire space — and I absolutely love this new trend. It’s unexpected, it’s fun, it’s original.  Find inspiration from these kitchens whose owners were not afraid to splash some color on their cabinets.

painted kitchen cabinets

Via A Beautiful Mess

We made this first example one that’ll no doubt ease you into the idea: If you don’t want to take a dive and paint the outside of your cabinets a bright color, consider having the door a neutral color and the interior a contrasting bright shade. This works especially well if the dishware set you store in that cabinet all are the same color. Pick a hue for the background that will make the color of your dishware stand out. In this picture, the white cabinet doors match the rest of the kitchen, but opening the cabinet yields a surprising teal interior.

painted kitchen cabinets

Via Houzz

Sunny yellow cabinets brighten up the otherwise dark kitchen, and they contrast well against the black granite countertops. The white brick backsplash keeps the room from being too overbearing from the bright cabinets or dark counters. This eclectic look works well in modernized vintage homes.

painted kitchen cabinets

The striking pink cabinets in this kitchen pair well with the black backsplash and dark wood cabinet to create a modern and glamorous style. The stylish black utensils complete the look .

painted kitchen cabinets


For a bold kitchen style that strikes visitors as soon as they walk in, consider this bright green color scheme. The cabinets on the top and bottom are all painted the same lime green, and a white tiled counter and backsplash with green accent tiles offset the cabinets’ brightness. These kitchen cabinets really make a bold statement.

painted kitchen cabinets

Via Houzz

In this kitchen, the bottom cabinets are red while the top are a neutral beige. You get the bold pop of the red cabinets without having the color make the room feel stifling. The cabinets on top also help to contrast against the red color, making both shades stand out more.


Via Houzz

These subtle blue cabinets create a soothing look and appears sophisticated. If there is a color you want to incorporate into your kitchen, consider slight darker hues if you want something a bit toned down for your cabinets.

painted kitchen cabinets

Via Country Living

This home was restored after being severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Though a small space, the darker teal cabinets on the bottom and lighter sea foam green color on top make this kitchen appear larger than it is. You can accomplish the same effect in your own kitchen with darker cabinets on the bottom of your kitchen and a bright shade of the same color for the top cabinets or wall.

For painting cabinets use paint spray or paint roller, don’t forget to apply primer first and then special paint that is suitable for kitchen cabinets.

Need cabinet ideas or other home inspiration? Click here for more inspiring ideas from Modernize.

December 18, 2014 at 4:53 am

Really nice! We recently refaced our very reddish wood cabinets in the kitchen/dining room. We had the kitchen cabinets done in white with a graphite glaze, but for the single wall of cabinets in the dining room, I chose a custom light spring green with the graphite glaze. The cabinet guy thought we wouldn’t like the green, but once he saw it on, especially with the glaze, he loved it. It’s so cheerful, and it makes the dining room cabinets look more like a large hutch, a much more furniture-y look.

December 19, 2014 at 1:13 pm

I love this idea, I get scared of being stuck with a color I don’t like long term though. Hmmmm…if I had a second home I’d do all this stuff in it! 😉


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