DIY Idea – Shelves from Old Boxes and Crates

December 2, 2014

Hello hello everyone (who is reading) and Happy Tuesday!

Today it’s going to be a really short post as it is 11 pm Moscow time and I am dying to go to bed.

Do you know that terrible feeling when you have so many things to complete, that you basically just sit glaring at your “to-do” list and don’t know where to start from? Well, that has been me for the past several weeks. There are so many things happening in my life at the moment that I really wish I had the ability to copy and paste myself. I was so determined to finish my project for the design school by the end of November and I am now feeling very-very guilty that I am behind the schedule… This pending task is hanging like a sword of Damocles over my head and I am so anxious to say that it is finally done. However, many things have been accomplished, and I will be publishing  several posts this week about the progress in my studies.

At the same time some exciting news has come my way! I have just been  asked to write for the Architectural Digest Russia!!! Woohoo –  feeling so flattered, proud and excited! I currently write for several online resources about interior design and decorating so really don’t know how I will manage to combine it all! Time is the king…. My blog is also suffering from such a busy schedule and I really wish to carry on with it, as blogging has already become a part of me…. So if you have good tips about time management and how to handle the stress and overload please share with me in the comments.

Today I decided to compose a quick and inspirational post about an idea that I am recently in love with. It is about repurposing old wooden boxes and crates into shelves and tables – what an awesome DIY project! I really love the shabby chic and careless look they create. Also, it is a wonderful thing to do in a rented apartment, when you don’t really want to invest in buying expensive furniture, but still need some storage space.

So, what would you say? Do you like it or not?

shelves from old boxes shelves from old boxes

shelves from old boxes

Shelves from old boxes

DIY shelves

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