Back to Childhood: Adorable Hand Knitted Toys

October 13, 2014

Hello! My name is Michael and I am a teddy bear. My mother has hand knitted me from cotton (60%) and acryl (40%). Since I am a fashion addict I asked her to make me some cool trendy clothes: now I have a knitted hat, a flower bracelet, a sweater, pants and slippers (but wouldn’t mind if you get  me something else). Inside me is the holofiber. I am from Russia but my dream is to travel and visit new countries, where I will meet my best friend.

hand knitted bear

Hello! My name is Zoya and I am a lovely hand knitted monkey. My mother used special super wash wool (80%) and acryl yarn (20%) when she was knitting me with love and care. I love to chit chat and play various games. Now I feel a little bit lonely as don’t have any friends. Would love to meet a boy or a girl of 2 to 6 years old.

hand knitted monkey

Hello! My name is Diana and I am a hand knitted kitty toy. My mother made me from extra fine merinos wool (70%) and angora (30%). I am very soft and fluffy, I love to be caressed and squeezed. I am a little bit careless and daydreaming (I keep loosing my flower barrette all the time). I am looking for a friend (a boy or a girl of 2-6 y.o.) with whom we will play different games.


Hi! My name is Alex and I am a grey teddy bear. I was hand knitted from boucle alpaca (30%), merinos wool (30%) and acryl (30%). I am coming from cold Russia, that’s why I wearing the warm blue scarf. I am a bit serious and thoughtful. Also I like when somebody reads books to me.

grey hand knitted bear

Hello! My name is Sofia and I am a hand knitted bunny toy. I am made from fine merinos wool (70%) and baby alpaca wool (30%). I am wearing a pink sundress and brown slippers. I am a little shy, love to cook and help with housework. I still don’t have a best friend and really want to get one!

hand knitted bunny toy

Now if you thought , that I instantly got crazy, you are wrong! 🙂 I am just back to my childhood with these adorable hand knitted toys which I have now for sale in my boutique. They have so much character and personality: in fact, they live…. yes, they live! They are desperately looking for their new owners and I decided to help. All of them were made by the same knitter, Galina Aglyamova, living in Russia. She used finest yarn, dyed with all natural plant dyes, so it is safe to give them even to the youngest children. I ship worldwide and hope that soon they will become someone’s cuddly friend forever. Should you have any questions, please ask me in the comments or contacting me via email.

hand knitted bear

hand knitted bunnyhand knitted bunny



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