Modern Art and Design: Beautiful Unity from The Artwork Factory

September 23, 2014

Contemporary art and design… Things which used to belong to two separate worlds, today, go hand in hand. Designers are fighting for the attention and purchasing power of collectors and the status of “Intellectual Artwork” for their creations.

Regulating editions and prices, along with the stigma associated with extravagance: These have been the fuel sources which have driven the art market’s engines, all-the-while, maintaining an enigma shrouded in mystery that’s wrapped tightly in dollar bills. Thanks to the internet, art has become more interactive and increasingly accessible, allowing an intimate peek behind the paint splattered curtain. With that, beautiful art is no longer something solely available to a limited circle of deep pocketed collectors & gallery goers. From these two opposing positions (and simultaneous symbiosis) we, the ordinary customer, win! With a variety of online shopping destinations, consumers are now enabled to fill their homes & offices with beautiful things that have both aesthetic and practical value at affordable prices.

In this post I want to talk about the company, which I have recently stumbled upon – The Artwork Factory. Its decorative and original products show how modern art and design can complement each other. For example, they convert ordinary utilitarian home decor objects, such as carpets and coffee tables & convert them into extraordinary artwork.

We’re all very much used to rectangular or square shaped pictures, however the Artwork Factory’s Circular Art collection is a refreshing and unexpected eye-catcher. They bring, not only a selection of colours & themes, but also introduce the variety of form into our usually all-square rooms:

Circular Art_interior

I love when traditional furniture and shapes are transformed into something original using unexpected colours and textures. This amazing art table is just an example of how it can be done. It will definitely take a central stage and become a focal point of any room:

Art Table_interior

Another creative approach of bringing art to interior design is to think in three dimensions. There is nothing new in hanging a picture on a wall but how about introducing art to a floor? This unconventional art carpet looks like a fresh idea:

Art carpet_interior

It is amazing how you can pull together a decor scheme of any room using a single piece of a striking modern art. Contemporary minimalistic spaces often look too empty and lifeless. To make them more personal and inviting, use an impressive artwork – it will bring the desired colour, energy and life to a space.


When decorating with art, remember to think BIG – it needs to make a statement, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to have it. Nothing looks more miserable and sad, than a poor little picture lost somewhere in the middle of large wall. However, while making a statement with art, make sure that you give it a chief role – all other items in the room and its decor shouldn’t distract from contemplating it. Start with a neutral colour palette, like for example soft beige, masculine grey or tender cream, add some texture and layers and use little accents matched with your artwork to finish the look. The colour of the walls shouldn’t be necessarily light and wishy- washy, on the contrary, dark and rich colours enhance the impact of art and make it stand out.

Art for You_interior copy

When positioning a picture on a wall remember to follow these simple rules:

  • don’t hang it too high or too low – it should be on the average human eye level.
  • a painting should be well lit but not placed under direct sunlight.
  • vertical pictures make a room look taller, while horizontal – wider.
  • if you want to hang a picture on a narrow wall, choose vertical one, while for a space above a sofa or a bed go for horizontal ones.

For more exciting products from The Artwork Factory, please visit their website or Social Media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.


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