So, You Want To Have a Home Office?

July 3, 2014

home office

Me too…

It’s been a while since I am working from home and to be honest I am still dreaming to have a proper “office” – or at least a place specifically designated for my job. The main problem was that in the last 2 years my husband and I have changed already four apartments and it happened that in none of them I could arrange a good workspace (for various reasons). All that time I was probably resembling a working nomad – rambling with my laptop all around the flat and working in every possible position. What didn’t I use as a work desk yet? My bed, my knees, the floor, the dining table and now at my parents’ house (please don’t laugh!) – their massage table. Needless to say that my back says a big thank you to this kind of creativity.

Now when we are looking for a new flat in Riga (again!) I said to myself: “basta! in this one I will definitely arrange my home office. Already dreaming about it and also putting down a list of “must do” things. So I will have there:

1) A separate zone, free of distraction and noise. Ideally it should be a small independent room, otherwise a quite corner in any other room. I really love this idea of arranging it on the balcony:

home office

or maybe in the loft?

home office | L'Essenziale 9

or even using a niche in the wall?

home office | L'Essenziale blog

2) Comfortable  furniture. This is a priority number two. Working desk should be large enough to accommodate computer and all other equipment, and tall enough so that you don’t bend when sitting at it. Chair’s height should be adjustable on an individual level.

home office | L'Essenziale 2

3) Proper lighting. The work desk should be well lit, while direct light shouldn’t fall on the computer screen.

home office

4) Apart from natural light, some lamps should be installed to be able in the evening hours:

home office

5) Lots of drawers and shelves to store all tools I need at work, such as boxes for paper and fabric swatches, various folders, stationery, books.

home office

6) Not forgetting about various crafting supplies, as I have plenty of them:

home_office | L'Essenziale

7) And a place for my drawing board! I have a huge one (A1 format) for my projects at design school – so far it has been stored underneath the sofa and set up once needed. So inconvenient! – having it been installed at all times would be so much better:

home office

8) Pinboard for collecting images, fabric or wallpaper samples, quotes – anything that would inspire me!

home office | L'Essenziale 8In fact it doesn’t have to be necessarily made of cork – there are so many other creative solutions, such as this one, for example:

home office

9) Walls will be painted in bright pastels or neutrals – it will be so easy to concentrate and work in such relaxing environment:

home office

10) I will also bring there some flowers and plants – I heard that they are very good for Feng Shui:

home office

11) Finally, when not in use it would be cool to hide my office behind a curtain or a screen, something like this:

home office | L'Essenziale 7

How would you decorate your home office?  Share your ideas in the comments below!

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