How to Create Focal Points in your Living Space

April 11, 2014

If you find yourself lending your design color choices to the neutral palette, you understand that there are sometimes issues with making a focal point. For those who enjoy neutrals, adding a splash of color or something extra in a room can take it to the next level.

There are a number of ways to add focal points easily and without changing a lot in the space.

For dining rooms and bedrooms, add a colourful spread

Even though the walls and the furniture may be painted in a muted colour, it is easy to spice up a room with just a runner or a throw.

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If you have a neutral coloured dining area that you wish to add a little life in, add a runner to the table. It should match the length of the table with just a little hang over the side in order to draw the eye towards its center.

Choose the runner in your favorite color in order to mix up the dining room. If you have a large dining room and feel that a table runner itself won’t be enough, add some padded seating to the chairs in the same colour.

For bedrooms, the comforter is the main item of choice that can draw the eye. Even if you have an all-white bedroom with white walls and sheets, a colourful spread can easily provide some depth to the room.

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If you wish to allow your room to remain relaxing, add a soft lavender colored comforter to your bed. The color will be soft and gentle yet still create an interest.

Add pillows to sofas

Couches are actually those room items that it is better to leave neutral. A neutral sofa can go a long way. When you move, you won’t have to worry about the room clashing with the next paint or the next overall room design.

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Adding coloured pillows on a neutral sofa is a great way to draw the eye and make the living room look more appealing ooverall

It is also easier to change throw pillows than most other accessories at home. Simply throw away or wait to repurpose old pillows and exchange them for a new colour of pillow that can completely change the theme of the living room.

Get your own fireplace

A fireplace is a great item to have as the focal point of a room. Those who use fireplaces know that this is where most people and animals in the home will migrate when it is cold outside.

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If you do not have a built-in fireplace, there are stand-alone, portable fireplaces that can be brought in as a substitute.

Portable fireplaces can be beautiful, as the flames are self-contained and do not require you to have a chimney. This allows you to bring in the fireplace and position the piece to tailor it to your needs. They are also eco-friendly for those who are concerned about environmental impact.

Get a chandelier

One of the most elegant pieces that you can ever bring into a home is a chandelier. If you are looking to create a focal point and your room is too small, consider going overhead to add some character to the space.

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Chandeliers that are elegant and well-constructed are timeless. Your chandelier can have a number of different glass or crystal pieces designed in a number of ways. Many chandeliers are shaped and built much like colourful jewelry pieces. Some people think that pendant light should be equally proportioned to the size of the room. In fact, if you bring an overscale chandelier into a small room it will help to draw attention from its tiny dimensions.

Table settings

Though many people think of a table as a place that should remain clear, table setting can sometimes be a wonderful focal point. Bring to your table some beautiful silver and china and you will create a welcoming and cozy feel in your dining room.

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For living rooms, consider getting a number of silver candy or serving dishes and create a beautiful vignette on them. Small, understated items that may seem ordinary or unnecessary at first can add decoration and a bit of specialness to each room.

Another thing to remember (always!) is that one focal point in the room is boring, consider creating several of them so that your eye doesn’t stop at one place but runs smoothly from one interesting spot to another…


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