One Thousand And One Knots

November 12, 2013

After seven months of weaving, eight months of waiting our carpet, which my husband and I ordered for our living room, finally arrived!

caucasian rug

Made of finest Merino yarn, this carpet has remarkable density of 60 to 60 knots per 10 square centimetres. This can be achieved only by using very thin and high quality woollen threads. You should always pay attention to it, when purchasing handwoven rug as high density provides longevity and durability: this kind of rugs will serve for hundred years and more. I want to inherit mine to my grandchildren, especially because after eighty years the carpet is considered antique and the price for it increases several times.

The warp of this carpet is also woollen, which makes it very durable and light (not so light actually, but if you compare it to the one with cotton warp, it is much lighter). I often can hear from the rug dealers that cotton warps are the best (obviously they just want to sell what they have), which is completely not true: at all times the hundred percent woollen rugs were the most expensive and the most precious and don’t believe anyone who will tell you the opposite. These carpets was lying in the Shahs palaces in Persia, Caucasus and Turkey.

The history of our rug is very long: it was created in the XIX century. As always there is a big debate in Caucasus about who created what. I will not go here deep into details leaving  the search of truth to the carpet experts (otherwise they will not have anything to write in their books). Just want to mention, that with different nationalities living so close to each other these kind of arguments are always inevitable.

Caucasian carpet, oriental rug

Carpet with crosses, Vaspurakan group, XIX century. Image source – “Armenian carpets”, Mania Ghazaryan

Our rug has very beautiful and remarkable design, consisting of three large geometrical medallions in the central field and amazing wide border of ten (!) rows, which is quite unusual for this type of rug. It has very soft muted colour palette which is achieved by the use of only natural, organic colorants when dying the yarn.

So finally, my living room makeover is coming to the end, and hopefully very soon, I will share the photos with you. Of course waiting for so long for anything, makes you so excited when you finally get it. I am so glad and proud that this rug was made specially for us: we have chosen the pattern and colours and this kind of things make it so dear for us.

I don’t know whether my Dolce understood this but when the rug finally arrived, she behaved very-very strange: was barking at it for at least fifteen minutes, then started to jump, run and wallow on it. She likes to play with the fringe so much and punishing with newspaper doesn’t really help. And finally when, she looks at me like this, I feel I can’t do anything with her (so there is a big doubt now if actually something will remain from the carpet to give to our grandchildren):

cocker spaniel

Oh, yes, and the final thing! I have this little cutie, which just came out from the loom, on sale. It is soumak type, so it is flat weave and has loose threads on the reverse side. You may read about soumaks and even see how they are made in this post here. It is perfect as a bedside rug, or as an accent piece in the kitchen or hallway. It measures 140 cm (with the fringe) X 100 cm. Contact me, if you wish to purchase (will ship worldwide).


And the final-final thing. Saw these beautiful interiors in the net, and just wanted to share them with you. It is amazing how oriental rugs can transform any interior and make minimalistic Scandinavian style spaces so cozy and inviting:

oriental rug

Image source

oriental rug kitchen

Image source


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